Laettner was originally scheduled to Q Prometheus today but being stoved up with his ankle, YHC took over that duty. YHC awoke this morning at 4:45 and laid in the fartsack for 10 more minutes contemplating what the hell he was thinking carrying an 8 x 8 over a mile the previous day. Shoulders were sore, back was sore, feet were sore…..he felt like a man, a tired man but a man nonetheless. He finally cajoled himself to get up and get dressed hoping there would be a PAX depending on him. He arrived at the gate of the Tideland Trail with 2 minutes till Hard Start, happy to see lunchbox pulling in before him and pillbox and griswold already waiting.

1 minute warning and we were off. No warmarama needed and YHC let the PAX know his goal was to walk the trail twice this morning and he set a fast pace from the start.  Pretty uneventful morning as the quick pace kept us moving but the conversation was great. It’s nice to have some time with other husbands and fathers and to learn from them and how they’re doing with their families. Warm temps were a nice change of pace. With 1 minute left we ran the last 1/8th mile and finished with an out of breath prayer by lunchbox. Thanks for showing up and for the conversation men, it was an honor. *****Misty on the Q at field of dreams Saturday. Sounds like a lot of folks in the West are DR this wknd so if you’re in town, show up and make it worth his while driving from the east*****

Total mileage : 3.96 mi.

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