Maytag told me Halloween night he would be joining me in the morning so when I awoke to a slack message saying he was staying in bed, I was a little disappointed. Arrived at 5:10 to LunchBox and RuPaul waiting. Quick stretches OYO.

Mission statement given, disclaimer skipped.

The Thang

YHC stated he wanted to make 4 miles today since we wouldn’t be going on the beach. We Rucked to the Green Mile AO rally point and back to the pier. 3.8 miles. We could have made 4 but by the end of the ruck YHC’s heels were killing him and it slowed us down. Lunch box led us out in a thoughtful Prayer.

Think about Qing a Prometheus Ruck if you can, it’s an easier Q and normally smaller crowds.


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