• When: 03/07/2018
  • Workout Style: Kettlebells
  • QIC: MyTSharp
  • PAX: Nippleshot, Pocahantus, Reef Donkey, Crowbar, Blue Cross, Denver, Wilson, Devlin-McGregor, Ron Burgandy, Doublemint, Bambard, Mahindra, CarlEton
  • AO: Morehead City, Tinkerbells

It’s been a minute since MyT Q’d a workout.  Give or take a year.  Its been even less time since he referred to himself in the third person. Regardless, it was a pleasure to dust off father time to lead an old school Carterican workout amid a sea of fat, friendly faces.  Everything that follows is completely true.


Everyone was on time.  Stevie Wonder was today’s stretchin music selection.  Always bring the stetchin music boys…changes the mood, gets the juices flowing, warms up the crowd.  The countdown was given, the mission statement was delivered but unfortunately the disclaimer was forgotten.  It would be the only mistake I made the entire day.  It happens.


I’m gonna put the average weight of the pax today at 267.  (221 if Nippleshot was not there).  With that kind of tonnage right behind you…you can’t stop quick and you don’t want to go far.  I would estimate we ran about 65 yards to the point of the jib for a little circle time.  It went like this:

SSH x 25

Windmill x 15

Hillbilly x 15

Cotton Picker x15

Downward Dog, Upward Dog and Plank done in 15 second increments x 2.

I gotta give the pax credit.  The chatter was strong.  I mean cowboy coffee strong.  I did what I could do, but I gotta give the boys credit…they brought the noise.

We then mall-walked back to the kettlebells.  Looking back it was honestly like 45 yards but we made every foot count.  Burgandy led the charge like some half-crazed, bat-flipping dreadnaught gazelle.  The fat pax was stunned by his athleticism and overall level of fitness.  The Fat pax was like….

Burgandy’s actions today will unfortunately result in his dismissal (i mean graduation) from the fat pax.

Burgandy has the lungs and he has the will to be a gazelle.  Once he gets the selfish thing down…watch out  that boy is gonna be good…like sexual chocolate.

The Thang: 

My theme today was that great men do not have to travel great distances to get a great workout.

First Quarter:

Neck, Waist Halos x 10 each way.

Figure 8’s x 10 each way.

Kettlebell Swing x 15 (Blue Cross on the Count)

Rows R and L x 15 (My T on the Count)

Goblet Squat x 20 (Doublemint on the Count)

Curls L and R x 20 (Reef Donkey on the Count)

Shoulder Press L and R x 15 (Devlin-McGregor on the Count)

4 Step Clean L and R x 10 (MyT on the Count)

Second Quarter

5×5 to 25 Over and Unders.

We lined up at the picnic tables on the jib.  i had the pax perform 5 fat man box jumps and then jump over the chain run across the street to the marlin fountain to perform 5 Dips and then back across the street and under the chain to perform 10 Box jumps and then 10 dips and on and on and on until we got to 25.


It was brutal.

Luckily, I was actually able to film some video of the pax during this part of the workout and post them here for your enjoyment….

Burgandy (Springy)

Nippleshot (Like a beached whale)

Doublemint (Always inspirational)

Carleton (Players gonna play)

Blue Cross going under the chain

Mahindra (Speed Demon)

Bambard (Flexing)

Any way you shake it, the fat pax got after it, they stayed together (kudos Burgandy and Doublemint), and they worked really really hard.  It was good stuff.

Third Quarter:

A complete repeat of the First.

Fourth Quarter:

A repeat of the Second but we did Step Ups and Terkins again to 25 in sets of 5.


LBC’s x 25 (MyT)

LSFx 25 (Mahindra)

X’s and O’s (Bambard)

Boss Tweeds’sx 40 (Burgandy)


Burgandy asked for prayers for his daughter who was recently diagnosed with M.S.  She lives in California and has two kids.  Burgandy is a #HIM and I would expect that anything he needs would be the immediate fancy of the pax.  In the meantime lift his family up in your thoughts and prayers

CrabbyEnglighman’s father in law passed away.  Prayers for their family as well.

I took the pax out with a simple message about the importance of living third.  We are all broken.  We all have our faults. But we also have a tendancy to walk around all day swallowed up in our own thoughts and feelings.  I asked the pax to recognize that in that COT there were probably brothers dealing with addiction, financial trouble, rocky marriages or trouble with their kids.  We simply don’t take enough time to ask our fellow brothers how they are doing and what’s on their mind.  By living third: God First, The other Fellow second and myself last we can shield lock as a pax, improve our hearts and minds and go out into the community and make it a better place to be.

It was my honor to lead this morning.  It’s great to be back.  I am sore as hell.




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