• When: 04/20/18
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Ricardo, Plunger, Birdman, Navy (Respect), Putin, Squid, Cooter, Kiwi, Jack Rabbit, Chatlee (Respect), Proctor (Respect) Holiday Mansion, Buckeye
  • AO: Back Blasts

YHC woke early and was ready to get this workout rolling, today being 4-20. YHC was encouraged by the HC’s, as the PAX had taken it upon themselves to call this one the “Afroman”. A quick message, the night before to Proctor to make sure he was going to be there was all we needed. When you got the chief in your pocket, the five ohh doesn’t scare you as much. The PAX began to roll in and they showed in force. When time was called 14 men stood strong. YHC wasn’t sure if they came looking for free samples or a workout. Nobody brought snacks for the muchies, so a workout it will be. The countdown was given, what the three F’s stood for stated and a flawless mission statement. The disclaimer was given in Afroman song style, a request from Navy the night before, and we were off.


Mosey to the golf course side of Brandywine to the first light for SSH’s x 15, Sun Gods, each way x 15, and Abe Vigodas x 15. Change direction and head toward 24 and across the road through the high dollar gates. Circle up past the guard shack. Holiday was quick to remind us that these are the people you don’t want to wake up. YHC was sure that 14 men counting and giving mumble chatter would go unnoticed. Cotton pickers x 15, Hillbillies x15, thank you Birdman for the soft correction on the Q who was doing Imperial Walkers. It happens at least once during every Q led by YHC. Finish with Good Mornings x 10.


Head to the playground for Dips IC x 15, Earkins SC x 15, Step Ups IC x 15, and Derkins x 15                 Rinse and Repeat

Mosey to the tennis courts and partner up for some Dora. Partner A would run 2 laps, back and forth counted as one lap, while Partner B does the assigned exercise (AMRAP). Then switch and plank for the 6. PAX did 6 rounds with each partner doing Burpees, LBC’s, Hand Release Merkins, Squats, Boss Tweeds and WW1’s. Holiday and YHC had a discussion about Burpees, neither one of us were pleased that we didn’t get credit for about 35 at the end of Pasqually’s workout yesterday.

Mosey down to the Marina and or boat launch. YHC was hoping to do some BTW but had to Omaha it to Knees to the wall. The wall looked bigger during a drive by earlier in the week. Partner up with a different partner. Partner A would do Balls (knees) To the Wall and partner B would run to a designated spot. There is a nice little hill with some good grade to it. This could be useful in future workouts. YHC reminded the PAX, when the cops show just be faster than Proctor because he has clout. We did 2 rounds of KTW, each partner went twice. Lt. Dan with a twist across the parking lot. Instead of a squat you would do calf raises.

Time to start the Mosey back, stopping along the way for Carolina Wine Mixers x 10. Holiday Mansion was glad that we chose to do them on the road instead of the luxurious green grass on the manicured landscape. Stopping again for Bobby Hurleys x 15. The PAX was quicker than I thought so we stepped over to the playground for one more round of Dips, Earkins, Step Ups and Derkins. Mosey to the flag, making sure everyone was together as we crossed 24. Time for one more exercise bear crawl to the farthest vehicle and crab walk back.


Superman x 10 holding for a 5 count but holding for a 20 on the last count

LBC’s x 20

What else but the protractor to finish it out. I think the PAX is getting really good at it so we need to extend the time we hold it.


Workouts tomorrow in the West at the FOD and East at HP. Steamer called out a group to come to his workout. I’m guessing if you didn’t see your name, go somewhere else. That’s what F3 is all about.

T-claps to Chatlee and Proctor as they finished their first week of F3. Jack Rabbit got back in the groove and posted four times. We always rejoice when out lost brothers come home. Ricardo HC’d and showed up. It’s good to have family come together as Navy and Putin posted, but no Jar Jar Binks. It must easier to write smack on Slack then to post. Squid, thanks for not fart sacking, you are the site Q. I guess if Squid wasn’t there Buckeye could take his place. Isn’t that what the Coast Guard does? Love for the coasties. Cooter and Kiwi are like the silent brothers. You don’t realize they are there until they show up at name-a-rama. Plunger and Birdman always giving excellent effort and leading the way. Holiday Mansion, the one who birthed me into F3, thanks as always for your support and correction. It it’s half right it is still wrong. Got it!!


YHC took us out in prayer reminding us to be doers of the word and not just hearers of the word.


I have now Q’d a couple of times but it still makes me a little nervous. I thank the PAX for their strong showing and support this morning. It could be they are tired of Steamer but I think they came out to see Ronnie B. Q’ing is something we all must be do because F3 is about growing leaders. You are never alone and the PAX will always keep you straight.


YHC Ron Burgundy

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