YHC, though exhausted from 5 straight Q’s, was eager to face the gloom this morning and lead whomever may show up for the Rolling Stone. Upon arrival, I see a bicycle over where we post the shovel flags and I know Couch Potato has joined me. Kiwi rolls in right behind me, and the three of us await more Pax. At 5:30 it’s time for a hard start and it looks like it will just be a trio this morning. Just as I get ready to call a hard start, we hear the squealing tired of Pillbox and World Cup as they come whipping in. Definition, mission statement, and disclaimer were given and we moseyed to the concessions for… locked gate. Plan B, we circle back across the back of the school, through the greenhouse, and enter an open gate by the tennis courts. Here we circled up for…


Windmill x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Hillbillies x15 ic
2 Burpees
Cotton pickers x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Sungods x 15 ic
2 Burpees
Rev Sungods x 15 ic
2 Burpees

Mosey to track for

The Thang
Merkin Mile
Pax would make four laps around the quarter mile track, stopping at each “corner” for merkins. Start with 16 at first corner. Decrease by 1 each corner down to 1. YHC instructed the Pax that we may have some separation on this and for those who finish early to circle back and partner with someone that wasn’t finished until everyone finished together. As always, they did a great job of pushing and encouraging their fellow Pax. Kiwi and Couch Potato lead by example and modified their  speed to keep the Pax together. T-claps to them.

Next we mosied to the bleachers for

Dips x 25 S.C.
bleacher snake x 1
Erkins x 20 S.C.
bleacher snake x 2
HR merkins x 15 S.C.
Bleacher snake x 3
Derkins x 10 S.C.
bleacher snake x 4
Burpees x 5 S.C.
bleacher snake x 5

Being pretty toasted at this point and short on time, YHC called for a slow mosey back to the shovel flag.

Yhc was about to call some Mary, but decided that with 4 minutes, I could squeeze in one more workout.

Jack Webb

The two exercises were LBC’s and Air Presses, both in cadence.






Hard stop 6:15

Namarama, announcements, and prayer requests were given. Kiwi took us out with a thoughtful prayer. Day 6 complete.


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