With my 39th birthday approaching on Tuesday, I decided to go for a 7-in-7 Q week. Over the past two weeks I’ve been having serious doubts about that decision. But nonetheless, I will see it through, and it began with the Field of Dreams.

7 men of abnormal strength and reasoning gather in the early morning sunlight to start their Saturday off with purpose. YHC came rolling in with just enough time to set up the shovel flag and make to the already assembled Pax and call a hard start. No time wasted. After a standard disclaimer and mission statement, we took a short mosey over to a grassy are for


Good Mornings x 15ic

Imperial Walkers x 15ic

Cotton pickers x 20ic

Sungods x 15ic f/r

Abe Vigodas x 15ic

We then moseyed over to my truck to get some coupons. At this point there was some mumble chatter about the jugs I used during my last Q of the field of dreams, but they were pleased to see only a bag of sports equipment when I dropped the tailgate.  We took one soccer ball for each pair of men and moseyed over to the soccer field where I had everybody partner up for

Soccer B. O. M. B. S.

One partner would do the exercise while the othe partner did toe touches with the soccer ball. The partners could switch at intervals of their choosing. The exercises were a standard bombs

50 burpees

100 overhead claps ic

150 merkins

200 big boy sit-ups

250 squats

From here we mosey back to the truck to drop off the soccer balls and pick up a basketball and moseyed over to the basketball court for

Rack and Shaq

Each of the pax would take turns shooting a free-throw while the rest of the pax held a plank. We did two rounds of this. We missed 11 out of 14 shots. SMH. We would use this number for the rack and stack. We moseyed back over to the soccer field where I gave the instructions.

From the end line, run to the top of the 18 yd box, 11 monkey humpers. Run back.

Run to midfield, 11 monkey humpers, 22 alternating shoulder taps. Run back.

Run to the top of the opposite 18 yd box, 11 monkey humpers, 22 ast, 33 mt climbers. Run back.

Run to the opposite end line, 11 MH, 22 AST, 33 mt climbers, 44 air presses. Run back

From here we circled back by my truck to grab a frisbee and headed over to the U12 soccer field for a quick game of Ultimate Frisbee. Though our frisbee skills need some work (Dash 8 said it was the frisbee’s fault, I tend to agree) team Cooter, Birdman, and Linus pulled out the 1-0 win.

We moseyed back over to the shovel flag for


Low slow flutters x 20ic

Have a nice day x 30ct

Hard Stop


Prayer request for Snooki’s sister who has a couple masses on her lungs. Cooter took us out in prayer.

Thanks for showing up for day 1. 6 more to go.




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