• When: 02/05/18
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Maytag, Purplerain, Laettner, Griswold
  • AO: Green Mile

Driving to the AO at 0515 on Super Bowl Monday, I couldn’t help think about Couchpotatoe’s discussion on the words: dedication vs devotion.  
Pulling in the parking lot, YHC was pleased to see that it would not be a solo run today. Maytag was already stretching with his trusty sidekick Bouy, a two-year-old boxer. YHC had brought his running buddy today also, Willow, and she got to meet Bouy for the first time. After some initial butt sniffing and some friendly growls, we had a hard start at 0530. Just as we crossed Coast Guard Rd., YHC  looked back to see that familiar black F150 coming in hot with purplerain at the wheel. We decided to circle back and pick him up and get a little late start. No Burpee‘s for being late on the run I guess.

We did the Out-and-back run, and somehow avoided the dogs from fighting or humping each other for the whole 45 minutes. We picked up purplerain on the way back and discussed how We were paying for what we ate watching the Super Bowl the night before.  Somewhere in the last half mile, we passed a guy walking in the dark with a backpack on. I never realized it till I went past, but it was Laettner! He was testing out his ankle with the ruck on for the first time since his injury. It was good to see Laettner in the Gloom again!  It’s not been the same without him.

We finished up in the parking lot with a hard stop, COT (or actually a square of trust with 4 pax ? ), and a BOM closing prayer.  We prayed for some of our F3 Carterico pax’s concerns, and thanked our Lord for His Grace, His Mercy on us, and especially His amazing Love.

Thanks for the support gentlemen.  Thinking back, with the accountability of the pax:  When there’s been hesitation to post a F3 workout the following day… I never regret posting, but I do regret not posting.



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