• When: 01/27/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Monkey Wrench
  • PAX: Winnie the Pooh, Pedro (Respect), Suitcase (Respect), Pineapple, Lassie, The Second Mile, Shroom, Holiday Mansion, Rooney
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hero Patriot, West Carteret High School

As per usual, when YHC is preparing a workout, I usually pull up Google Maps to measure distances or get an idea of where I want to carry the Pax.  As I scanned the satellite reconnaissance photographs, I saw the Little League baseball fields at Swinson Park and it brought back great memories of watching my 2.0 and his teammates learning the basics of the greatest game from some fine coaches.  I even met a few of my F3 brothers on these same fields long before F3 came around.  I knew that somehow I had to figure out a way to work these old diamonds into the workout.  After mapping out my plan, I figured we would get in a little over 3 miles, not a bad day’s work.  Little did I know that this hard-working band of HIMs would total just under 5 miles!

I pulled into the WCHS parking lot a little early so I wasn’t surprised that there was nobody there waiting.  As the minutes passed and I was still alone in the gloom, I began to wonder if @misty had kidnapped all of eastern Carterico and taken them out west.  Soon @pedro (respect) showed up and 9 strong men soon followed.  At the stroke of the hard start we began with a mosey to the front of the school for:


  • Side Straddle Hops X 15 IC
  • Cotton Pickers X 15 IC
  • Windmills X 15 IC
  • Left over Right / Right over Left stretch for a 10 second hold
  • Mosey across Bridges St. to the Glad Tidings parking lot where we started:


  • Run the jogging trail to the Swinson baseball fields, making 10 stops along the way for 5 Merkins at each stop, then return to WCHS (2 miles and 100 Merkins)
  • Partner up with Partner A running a lap on the track while Partner B does Bleacher Snakes, then switch X 2 rounds
  • Partner A runs to the scoreboard and back while Partner B does Monkey Humpers, then switch
  • Partner A runs to the scoreboard and back while Partner B does LBCs, then switch
  • Pallet cleanser around the track and then a mosey to the WCHS building
  • People’s Chair with Air Presses with each man giving a 5 count X 2 rounds


My memory is a little fuzzy on the following but I think we did

  • LBCs X 15 led by Pedro
  • Box Cutters X 15 led by Suitcase
  • Freddy Mercury’s X 15 led by Pineapple


Prayer concerns were lifted up for David Hessmer (spelling?) and Pedro’s family member.  @lassie took us out in prayer.  After the workout, @lassie couldn’t stomach the fact that we ended just under 5 miles so a few of us made a lap around the school and the track, skillfully avoiding FIA and stopped a 5.0 on the dot.

As I said earlier, I have some great memories of Swinson Park.  I encourage all of you with young 2.0s to treasure your moments with them,  Time flies and before you know it, they will leave the nest and be out on their own.

It was great leading today men.  Thanks for coming out.

Monkey Wrench

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