• When: 07-15-2019
  • PAX: All of F3 Carterico
  • AO: Back Blasts

News of Gilligan posting at the Table Setter spread like wildfire on Slack yesterday. We all have preyed for him so hard over the last month and a half. I expect that many of us were anxious about seeing him for the first time since his hospitalization. He is respected by us all for so many things, especially starting this F3 thing here in Nov of 2015. Gilligan has influenced every man that has posted in Carterico, whether they know it or not. How to focus on all 3 F’s, how to be leaders, and maybe what he is best at, how to give this thing away.

And that is the point of this post. I saw the full circle of F3 today with Deuce on the Q. Thats because on September of 2016, Gilligan had a vision of planting a shovel flag in New Bern. He would spearhead the effort. None of us here knew how to do that at that time. He started reaching out to men in New Bern, he used to live there. He lined up a series of Qs, beginning with him and Steamer. He got Greenville and Wilmington involved. Jang took the Quarter Pounder to Snotwoggle them. Most importantly, he sent out a series of emails to potential Pax members in New Bern setting the stage for what F3 really is. Deuce posted at our F3 New Bern launch in New Bern. Probably had no clue what to expect. Deuce is now a F3 veteran. So to see Gilligan easing back into F3 today with Deuce on the Q was special for YHC. A clear picture of the leadership of Gilligan.

Gilligan said that he felt our prayers. He has fought a tremendous fight and won battles. We will continue to support and love him. I found the last email Gilligan sent out to potential New Bern pax members before we launched there. Enjoy this message from a true High Impact Man.



Date: Wed, 14 Sep 2016 21:18:21


Here is the third that is supposed to go today. I have personalized this one to be from yhc…

Thanks,  Gil

Life is a series of decisions. Most are little decisions like what shirt you’re going to wear to work or what you’re having for lunch. Some are obviously more significant like who you marry or which job you take. The decisions you’ve made so far in your life have led you to where you stand right now, and whether you like it or not, you can’t change the path behind you. The path ahead, however, tells a much different story. Some of the decisions we think are small turn out to be incredibly significant.

About two years ago, one of the guys from my small church group invited me to F3 in Greensboro. I was intrigued by this different kind of workout he was talking about and had to go check it out. That decision has changed the course of my life for the better, and it is hard to explain in an email the positive effect it has had.  F3 has spread like wildfire across our state. Thousands of men participate in hundreds of workouts and other events. On Saturday, we will open the newest F3 city. YOUR city: New Bern.

F3 is different. It’s not just about a great workout. I could spend thirty minutes telling you why it’s different, but it’s better if you just come see for yourself. What is it about F3 that keeps men coming back day after day, week after week? F3 is not for everybody, and it might not be for you. It’s hard and you will be challenged. Many who come will not come back and will instead choose the easier, more traveled path. Those who choose to return will be rewarded in ways they cannot imagine. There’s an old saying that “If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Somebody you know thought enough of you to invite you to the F3 New Bern launch. The rest is up to you. What decision will you make?

I hope to see you at New Bern High School at 7 am Saturday.

Dixon Smith aka “Gilligan”

F3 Morehead/ Greensboro

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