YHC was thrilled to wake up to find no rain coming down the gutters this morning.  A quick radar check looked like we might dodge the showers for our appointed time.  Having arrived early to survey the area and confirm my plans for the workout, I passed a few loyal PAX driving in as I motored around. I pulled in the the parking lot at 5:20 to find Buckeye and Monkey wrench disembarking their respective trucks. As time got close 7 PAX were assembled and following the disclaimer and mission statement we were off.  As me moseyed toward the road, Pasqually came screaming in, yet again confiming my long proclaimed notion that “contractor time” truly exists as a form of time measurement.  While the PAX clamored for a long mosey to require Pasqually to sprint to catch us, YHC stopped the group at the road and began the warmup.

Warmarama: Leg stretch right over left and then reverse.  With Pasqually now present we did SSH x 20 IC, sun gods x 10 IC forward and reverse, cotton pickers x 10 IC, Imperial walkers x 10 IC, Windmills x 10 IC.  The mumble chatter was too strong for the Q to keep count so we halted the windmills for 5 Burpees oyo.  Amazing how clear he counting was when we resumed!

The thang: We would do a rack and stack stopping at each intersection to add an exercise as we made our way around the horse shoe towards the Hospice house. We would do all exercises SC together with a different PAX member taking turns counting as we went.

Stop 1: 10 merkins

Stop 2: 10 merkins, 20 plankjacks,

Stop 3: 10 merkins, 20 plankjacks, 30 mountainclimbers

Stop4: 10 merkins, 20 plankjacks, 30 mountainclimbers, 40 lbc’s


Stop 5: 10 merkins, 20 plankjacks, 30 mountainclimbers

Stop 6: 10 merkins, 20 plankjacks

Stop 7: 10 merkins

Having plenty of time left, we moseyed to the double tennis courts for a little partner Dora;

Partner 1 runs around the outer of both courts while partner 2 exercises and then swap until total counts are done.

Round 1: 100 Carolina dry docks

Round 2 : 150 Boss tweeds. During this round Ron Burgundy peeled off to EH a couple of guys working out on the pull up bars.  Seeing the 7 of us doing Boss Tweeds was enough for them to decline. Maybe not the best exercise to EH on, but worth a try.

Round 3: 200 squats

Round 4 : 150 LBC’s

Round 5: 100 Erkins

With time to spare we headed to the amphitheater for some more work. Balls to the wall for a 5 count per man, peoples chair with 10 air presses per man, balls to the wall for 5 count, and finally peoples chair with air bicep curls x 10 count per man.

Mosey to Mary; American hammer x 25 IC, dying cockroach x 25 IC and finally multiple plank positions ending in the 6″ plank for a 20 count. Hard stop.

Announcements of multiple workouts tomorrow.  Both co site-Q’s to be absent next Monday, (WTH??) so need to post for Griswold. Ricardo headed to Hawaii with the M for 20 years of wedded bliss celebration.

YHC took us out in prayer.

As always it was a pleasure to lead.

SYITG Holiday Mansion

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