What: Hashmark

Date: 9/8/17

PAX: Birdman, Pillbox (respect), Griswold, Pasqually, Blart, Holiday Mansion, Purple Rain (Q)

YHC was ready for his first Hashmark Q and was really happy about the cool temps.  Warnings were given and Pillbox came brining in just under the buzzer.  Disclaimer given and off we moseyed.

1st stop

SSH x20 IC

Cotton x15 IC

Burpees x5 OYO

2nd stop:

Spider Merkins x20

Squats x20

3rd stop:

Diamonds x20

Squats x20

at the clubhouse we did a dora

25 Burpees, 50 merkins, 100 squats, 200 air presses

we did a merkin wave, in a circle plank position one Merkin around and keep going around until no longer hold and drop out to do LBCs until last man standing, Holiday won and earned a Q at the Boonedocks. Mosey back

1st stop

LBCs x20 IC

Dying cockroach x20ic

box cutters x20 ic

2nd stop

dollies x20ic

LBC x20 ic

flutter x20 ic

3rd stop

american hammers x20 ic


in and outs x20

mosey back for a hard stop

namearama, announcements, BOM prayer, out.

thanks guys

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