• When: 10/09/2017
  • Workout Style: Tap Dance
  • QIC: Jang a Lang
  • PAX: DUck Butter, Prior, Gert, Crabby E, X Box, WInnie, Roonie, Reef Donkey, Puddles, 2nd Mile, Bunion, Suitcase, Aflac, Double Mint, Steamer, Bucky
  • AO: Back Blasts, Morehead City

A good number of Pax members spent Saturday morning pounding pavement for 5 miles in downtown Morehead. YHC chose to forgo the normal street roaming at the Table Setter and try something new today. With high anticipation of the Seafood Festival Board posting, a complete fartsack occurred! Big Mick volunteered to be the stand in for this group. Following mission statement and disclaimer, we were off..

Warm up at Glad Tidings

Seal Claps, Windmill, down dog, Hand Rel Merkin, leg stretches, and Hillbillys

Mosey to MHC Parks and Rec Department. Upon arrival, the Pax would find a beautiful grass field with a single cone at the 50 yard line. The Thing would be simple for our first workout here as we tested the waters. Start at the end zone, run to the 50 for a 30 count of ab exercises, then run to the other end zone and plank for the 6. Then we as a group would perform exercises single count. You see, the possibility of cheating or skipping reps was eliminated this way. Puddles and Reef were especially happy to be on the grass as was YHC.  Other than the sprinklers going off, I think our first workout here went well. Exercises were as follows:

At mid field (30 single count)

  1. Heels to Heaven
  2. LBC
  3. Trivoltas
  4. LBC
  5. Boss tweeds
  6. Low Dolly
  7. LSF

At the opposite end zone

  1. Standard Merkin 25
  2. Scorpion DD 30
  3. Burpee 15
  4. Cat wine mixer 15 IC
  5. Alt Shoulder tap (missed you on this one Steamer) 20 IC
  6. Squat 50 SC
  7. 8 Count BB 15

At this point, YHC remembered it would be a good idea to look at the watch, 0605. 3/4 pallet cleanser lap to the last corner under the light. I wanted the boys to have clear view of the beauty of Calico Creek.

Jack Webb of LSF / Cockroach 4:4 increasing to 16:16. We gathered as a group and returned to the Flag.

It appeared one of Double Mint’s old girlfriends was awaiting us beside the flag. Not quite sure what this was all about. Anyway, bridge for 1 minute and standard plank for 30 seconds. Hard stop 0616.

The 5 workouts for tomorrow were announced and Big Mick took us out.

Thanks to the Pax for sticking with me today on this trial run. If nothing else, it gives future Table Setter Qs more options to create beatdowns.

My pleasure to lead you men today


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