The boys were back from spring break and ready to put in some work this morning at the Dread. 70 degrees and thick air greeted the pax. Deuce was in town and joined Misty for a secret standard. YHC slid out to the practice field and place a couple cones. The original plan was to use the band field, but it was discovered Richardo has not mowed said field since football season.

Waramama consisted of 4 laps with a stop after each lap for : SSH, CP, Down Dog, Right over Left, Left over right

Thing 1

As we moseyed to the practice football field, Pasqually told us stories of the sea creatures the live in White Lake and warned us of ever going there. FYI

2 cones were placed on the football field at the 33 and 66 yard lines. Time for some suicides, running back and forth to each cone and then to the opposite goal line and back. This went down as follows-

  1. standard suicide
  2. 10 spider merkins at each cone
  3. 10 MH at each cone
  4. 10 CDD at each come
  5. 10 Parker Peter at each cone
  6. 5 burpees at each cone
  7. Standard suicide
  8. Down Dog

Broad jump burpee to first cone, run down and back.

Lt dan to first cone, run down and back.

Thing 2

Mosey to the track. Battan Death march for 2 laps with the last man pushing out 2 burpees before sprinting to the front.

Down Dog

Jog straight away, give the curve all you want.


LSF followed by the Sea turtle. Gotta show to know. 4.1 miles total

Announcements – Mosquito run Saturday and 2nd Anniversary of Field of Dreams

Steamer took us out. Prayers for the Williams family, Lassie’s brother, and My T mother

Always impressed with the effort put forth by the men posting at the Dreadnought. Today was a tough workout in rather humid conditions. Great job !

A pleasure to lead



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