What a great day to Q in Carterico.  YHC was pleased to see 16 strong show up to the Hashmark for some run and some fun.  YHC arrived what he thought was early only to find Navy on a standard and Ronnie B and Squid huddled up awaiting more arrivals.  As the PAX numbers grew I almost decided to modify the plan in favor of some partner work but at the urging of Ron Burgundy I held firm to the plan of running the Brandywine loop.  With countdowns given, the mission statement and disclaimers done, we were off.  We moseyed at a pretty brisk pace according to a few toward the first stop at Lord Granville and Branywine blvd. intersection.  Here we performed SSH x 10 IC.  The PAX was forewarned to have an exercise in mind as the Q would call on a different PAX member to lead a called exercise at each intersection.  As we moseyed down the road toward our third stop Maytag finally showed so we called 5 Burpees at that stop in his honor.  In all we had 17 stops with each PAX member calling at least one exercise.  Exercises included, Merkins, Hand release merkins, WWI’s, Dying cockroaches, Sungods, Burpees, LBC’s, Carolina drydocks, Merkins IC, Derkins, Squats, and several more I cannot recall.  This a great way to get all the PAX involved and especially get newer PAX members a chance to lead at least one exercise.  In total we ended up at 3 miles and got a well rounded tour. With 2 1/2 minutes left for Mary we did American hammers IC x 30 followed by various stretches and finally a low plank for a 30 count.  It was a pleasure to lead today and a great push by all the men.  While 3 miles isn’t a huge feat for many in our ranks, for a number of us it is a big deal and I am proud of all those today who couldn’t have done it at some point early on.

Announcments : Hero Patriot, Field of Dreams, Slick Cam, and Dingbatter all on Saturday.  Prayers for Blart’s M, Doublemint, Cotter’s procedure, and the safety of the Big Rockers.  Ron Burgundy took the COT out in prayer.


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