A rare beautiful winter day rolled around for today’s edition of the Carterican Court. The last day of February brought clear skies and temps in the mid 50s. A scouting report of the fields of Rotary Park the day before revealed that the abandoned fields were rather dry. The plan was to take advantage of these beautiful fields and avoid pavement pounding. 12 men joined YHC for some old school stretching music courtesy of Robert Earl Keen.

Warmup- mosey to the field beside the Crossfitters for

SSH, CP, WIndmill, Hilbilly, Down Dog, Merkin


  1. Partner up at mid-field of the single soccer field. 6 rounds of the following
    1. 10 partner merkins, split and run to opposite ends of the field for 10 (Star Jumps, PJ, Mountain climbers)
  2. To the side line of the field for a Set of 7s including Carolina DD and LBCs
  3. Circle up for a Set of jack webbs-  4 LSF done IC x 4 Dying Cockroach IC. Increased by 4 each round, ending at 16 IC
  4. Back to the side line with your partner. Wheelbarrow half way, switch partners, run backwards to the start x 2
  5. Broad Jump Burpee halfway across, sprint to the sideline, run backwards back x 2.
  6. Mosey to the wall of the Marlins Stadium. 5 count BTW, set of 20 IC Buttercups done for Lassie, 10 count BTW


3 minutes of perfectly instructed yoga exercises led by YHC.

A wonderful morning to be with your F3 brothers! YHC always enjoys the chance to Q where he really learned about what F3 really was.

Ram took us out in prayer with thoughts about Suitcase in his Go Ruck Tough this weekend, Lassie’s brother, and Frosted Flakes’s dad and family. God please watch over them all.

Always a pleasure



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