• When: 02/15/14
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Holiday Mansion
  • PAX: Rooney,Deebo,Misty,Monkey Wrench,Creflo Dollar,HonyTonk,Shroom,Lassie,Lil'Smokey,Aflac
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court, Rotary Park

With all the lobbying by Gert and Madoff for HC’s yesterday YHC wasn’t sure who would show today, especially with the possibility of Valentine’s hangover bliss from the romantics in the group.  I arrived to find Monkey and Aflac already on site and an HC from Misty let me know we’d at least have four.  But as the 2 minute warning was given we were up to 11 PAX who were ready to roll.  It was a nice 57 degree morning and Deebo was quick to note that Creflo was ready in the event of a sudden blizzard or possibly he was going to snowboard after the workout as he was in full winter coat and pants attire.  After the welcome and disclaimer was given we circled up at the flag for waramara, a departure from our usual let’s mosey call.

Warmarama: SSH IC x 25, Cotton pickers x 10 IC, Sungods x 10 IC front and back, Hillbillies x 10 IC, Leg stretches right over left and reverse.

The thang:

First exercise called for the Merkin mile.  The PAX would run the 1 mile loop around Rotary stopping every 0.1 miles for 10 merkins oyo.  All was well until we hit the bridge in the dark woods and Lassie fell victim to a home made trip line some punk rigged between a couple of trees.  Once we unpiled the group and made sure no one was hurt too bad we were off again.  We finished our 1 mile and 100th merkin back at the tree of life.  From here we moseyed to the soccer field for a game of 21.  With the reputation for always doing shoulders, YHC deiced to focus on the legs and core today.  The PAX would perform 1 monkey humper on the sideline, run to the other sideline for 20 squats, return for 2 and then 19 and continue to go up and down from there.  At about the 5 count mark we Omaha’d to the parking lot due to the sogginess of the field and Shroom’s shoes were getting dirty.  As we plowed ahead it became obvious that time was against us.  At the 11 count mark we Omaha’d again and began stair stepping up and down by 2,(11,13,15,17,19,21).  Just to make sure we weren’t shortchanged, we ended with an extra 21 monkey humpers for good measure.

Noting we were at the 6:00 hour YHC ushered the PAX to the Big Rock wall for a balls to the wall burpee relay. Yes it is as cool as it sounds.  Partner up! Partner 1 holds the balls to the wall position while partner 2 runs to the middle of the parking lot, does 1 burpee and runs back. The partners swap position and we continue for 1 minute, give or take. After 2 cycles per man we did a preacher chair for a 5 count per man and back to the relay but this time it is 3 burpees per man per cycle for a total of 2 cycles per man.  Repeat peoples chair. At this point YHC began hearing talk of hard stop and such even though we had a few minutes left.  We did a brisk mosey to the picnic shelter for some shoulder work for good measure.  Rapid fire dips x 30 SC, Durkins x 15 SC, dips x 30 SC, Erkins x 15 SC and on to the flag.

Mary: American hammer x 25 IC, Birdman crunches x 25 SC on each side, some stretching with downward dog, upward dog, a variety of planks and then hard stop.

This was a great group to Q and having been somewhat absent with only a few posts in the last few weeks due to injury and laziness I was glad to be back out.  Thanks to all who posted here as well in all of Caterico today.  It was great day to be in F3.


Holiday Mansion

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