• When: 11/20/17
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Griswold (aka Blart)
  • PAX: Pasquale, Blart (respect!), holiday mansion, Ron Burgundy (respect!), Ricardo, Bush, peeper (FNG), monkey wrench (respect!), Griswold
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr

It was great to see 9 men brave the cold this morning, including 1FNG. It was too cold to stand around, and since were breaking the site Q rules already today, we started one minute before 0530. A quick mission statement and disclaimer was given, then off to the races! We ran to the road, around the basketball courts, and back to the parking lot for a little warmaRama.
Chinook X 10 each direction IC
High knee and butt kicker lap.
Air press X 20 IC
Side shuffle lap each direction.
Five Burpee‘s OYO
Backpedal and jailbreak lap.

Thang 1: spread out on parking space lines, every other man at the opposite ends. Hold an Al Gore. 10 pound medicine ball pass in a zigzag pattern. Each catch is followed by a squat, throw to the next man, then a Burpee. Down the line and back X 4, Followed by palate cleanser lap to the grass.

Thang 2: Partner up, and wheelbarrow from sidewalk to sidewalk. 10 single count of LBC, plank jacks, monkey Humpers. Switch partner and wheelbarrow back for 20 of each of the three exercises. Repeat the same with a set of 30 and then 40 of each of the exercises, for a total of 100 each and four wheelbarrow laps.

Thang 3: after another palate cleanser lap, gather at the parking curbs. 30 seconds AMRAP forward curb jumps, followed by 20 urkins. repeat 30 second AMRAP side curb jumps, followed by uneven Merkens X 20. Repeat the same pattern with Durkin‘s, backward jumps, and then uneven Merkens / jumps in the opposite direction.

Thang 4: mosey to the flags and circle up for plank progression:
Chilcut cheek-to-cheek planks X 10 IC
Very slow alternating shoulder taps X 5 IC (basically one arm planks)
Partner up and hold partner’s feet while they hold a plank. 20 SC squats in combination with merkins. Switch partners and repeat X 20.
Then hold a Plank next to a parking space line for plank step overs, side to side, IC X 10.

Our abs and shoulder were smoked at this point, so we got in a tight circle for the next Thang:
Hold Al Gore and start with 5 overhead presses of a 25 pound dumbbell on opposite sides of the circle. Then quickly pass the dumbbell to the next man to repeat, and follow up with Burpee. Repeat around the circle with 2 dumbbells as fast as possible for about three minutes.

Just enough time for a little bit of Mary:
Frogger‘s IC X 10. Pasquale pointed out that he thinks this exercise is called something else, and he is an OG, so he must be right, right? 🤔
Very slow low-slow flutter X 5. Ron Burgundy pointed out that the Q’s leg was not low enough, so I think we did one extra.
Birdman crunches X 10 each leg.
At this point, holiday mansion said something about 45, and YHC mistook him for saying that there was 45 seconds left to a hard stop. Really he was saying we were at 45 minutes. So, he finished us up with 45 seconds of Xs and Os.

We circled up for the Count off, nameaRama, and announcements. The FNG earned a name of Peeper (Just remember, next time you are shopping at Walmart, he may be watching you on camera!). YHC took us out in prayer with a few requests as well as a few praises. Thank you Blart, I mean myself(?), for being able to Q the knarr on site Q week!

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