Pax:  Duck Butter, Villa (Respect), WiFi (Respect), Wilson, MyT Sharp, Reef Donkey, Frosted Flake, Nipple Shot, Double Mint, Trailerhouse


“It doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.”  I’ve said this so many times I’ve lost count, but that fact is a constant of F3 Carterico.  It doesn’t matter if you’re in your second year, or second post.  You ARE going to struggle at times, you ARE going to need help, you WILL help someone along the way.  The Anchor Ball AO offers a wide variety of opportunities.  If you think the Anchor Ball is an easy workout, you probably need to get over yourself a touch.  Are you going to run 3+ miles at the Anchor Ball?  No.  But long distance running isn’t the only thing we do at F3.  This ain’t Raleigh.

I was excited to learn about my opportunity to Q on Monday.  Apparently, I do not pay very close attention to the q schedule, so thanks Reef for the reminder.  As the one minute warning approached, 9 Carterican veterans circled up with the moon again on the wrong side of the world.  Nipple explained that this phenomenon is known as a “Hurricane Moon.”  Apparently there’s a hurricane out there???  Welcome given and restating the 5 core principals of F3 and we were off on our first mosey to the bottom parking lot for


20 yard striders

20 yard high knees

20 yard butt kickers

SSH IC x20 (cheers ensue as we do a “normal” warm-up exercise)

Cotton Pickers IC x15

20 yard lateral slides

20 yard karoke (Villa complains about the athleticism required to warm up)

“European” Windmill IC x20

One Legged Sun Gods IC x10 forward, x10 reverse

Wilson leads the PAX off towards the Loop Rd for

Thang 1-Cones as far as the eye can see

9 Cones had been placed from entrance of the park 15 yards apart back towards the upper lot.  The PAX would do a prescribed exercise together at each cone, and then run, mosey, shuffle to the next cone.  I am so very proud that everyone persevered and stayed together.  Until of course the unfortunate gas leak.

Cone 1- 5 Burpees OYO

Cone 2- 20 Step-out Lunges SC

Cone 3- 10 Carolina Dry Docks IC

Cone 4-10 Copperhead Merkins IC

Cone 5-20 Alternating Shoulder Taps IC

Cone 6-10 Plank Jacks IC

Cone 7-20 Copperhead Squats

Cone 8-20 LBCs IC

Cone 9-20 Homer to Marge SC

MyT leads the PAX off into the darkness of the big soccer field to a roped off circle for

Thang 2-Beary Go Round

Each man picks a spot on the outside of the rope circle.  On “GO” the PAX does a one-lap bear crawl around the rope, stopping back at their starting point.  Upon arriving back to our spot, staying in a plank, each man performed 5 merkins in a waterfall, next guy starting after the previous guy finished, around the circle.  After each man’s 5 merkins, its another bear crawl lap around the circle, hold the plank, and each man does 3 merkins in a waterfall.  Another lap, plank, and each man does 1 merkin.  Another lap, plank, and each man does 3 merkins again.  It’s at this point that the rope circle seemed to start getting tighter.  There’s a rumor that MyT was moving the rope in, but that is unconfirmed.  One more lap, and then 5 more merkins per man.

Before a mutiny could occur Villa led us to the outfield wall of Puck O’Neal field for

Thang 3-Jack Webb’s Balls

Ole’ Steamer would’ve been proud of this one.  Each man held a balls to wall along the fence for a prescribed count, then recovered to their knees for overhead arm presses, and then flap jack.  The counts were 8/8, 12/12, 16/16, and then 20/20.  Reef Donkey provided a dreadnought and led the charge to the picnic shelter abandoned by the QAR men for

Thang 4-Table work

We arrived at the picnic tables for the F3 Holy Trinity of exercises.

One Legged Dips IC x20

Erkins SC x20

Derkins SC x10

One Arm Pole Rows SC x20

Nippleshot led the next early morning parade of sweaty men back to where the party started out by the Loop Rd for

Thang 5-The damn cones again

Same as Thang 1 except this time more sweat.  And more gas.  Wow.

We finished up the cones with cries of hard stop, luckily YHC’s watch is the one that counts.  Moseyed back over to the shovel flag for a one minute plank o rama to finish us off.


Jang is the conductor for tomorrow’s kettlebells and the last remaining OG, Pasqually will walk into the HIN circle.

Food Pantry is up and going and in need of your support with food items or monetary donations.

Prayer Concerns

The people of Houston

And with that Double Mint took us out in the COT and charged us to be the stewards of how men should lead in our community.

This was my first opportunity to lead a workout since I got hurt.  The road to recovery has not been easy.  I learned during my absence that FOMO is real.  It SUCKED reading posts about workouts I didn’t attend, it SUCKED watching the way our guys attacked the Sasquatch, and it SUCKED not getting to go to coffee.  However, I also learned that the effects of peoples’ thoughts, prayers, and positivity are palpable to those in need, and I was.  I will never be able to appropriately express my sincerest gratitude for all of your texts, calls, visits, prayers, and support over the last couple of months.  My pain was a pain of inconvenience, I completely recognize just how lucky I was with the only injuries I had, and I completely recognize just how lucky am I to be involved with this group of men.  I now return you to your general sarcasm and pointed remarks to my height to weight ratio.



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