• When: 9/22/17
  • Workout Style: Ruck
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Goodwill (Respect), Wilson, Frosted Flake, Alan, Spinal Tap, Shroom, Ron Burgundy (Respect), Monkey Wrench (Respect), Sniffer (Respect), BongWa, Immigrant, KoKo B Ware, Gertrude (Respect), ChainLink (War Baby), Reef Donkey, The 2nd Mile, Duck Butter
  • AO: Morehead City, Rolling AO, Rucky Duck

17 dudes, and more impressively the 53s as I like to call them, met in the gloom of the RBC/Sweet Beans parking lot for Friday’s Rucky Duck.  And what a ruck it would end up being.  On Thursday night Frosted Flake called and challenged YHC to shake things up at the Rucky Duck.  Aye!  Your wish is my command.  YHC was a late arrival due to some early morning Elvis action at the homestead.  Luckily, there was a parking lot full of HIMs waiting for me.  Tclaps to Shroom for grabbing his office keys just in case round 2 hit mid ruck.

1 minute warning, welcome, disclaimer, and purpose given the men were separated into two columns of men.  The front man of each column received the honor of carrying one of the two 50# sandbags.  On the command, the coupon would move to the next man back, with the previous barer moving to the rear of the column.  And we’re off.  Rank and file so you can touch the man in front and beside for two laps around the RBC parking lot.  A lot of mumble chatter as we ruck around the parking lot, is this what we’re gonna do for an hour?  Upon completion of lap two, rucks were grounded and the entire group did a bear crawl lap all the way around the RBC parking lot.  Mumble chatter immediately ceases.

Rucks on and we’re off again through the Walgreen’s parking lot across Arendell St and onto Evans St.  We stop at 23rd and Evans for 20 merkins and 20 squats.  We ruck down Evans bear crawling across the 21st intersection.  At 20th we ground the rucks, coupon holders take up an Al Gore and the rest of the PAX run a lap around the previous city block.  Upon arriving back at our packs we did some packs on and packs off in under 5 seconds.

Off again down Evans, bear crawling across 19th st and on down to 17th.  Rucks grounded again and we run another lap around the previous city block.  Back at the packs for 20 curls and 20 overhead presses.  Back on the hoof we approach two sad clown silhouettes at 16th St, its Mee Mee and The Dipper on a couples run together.  That’s cute fellas, really it is.  They were undoubtedly discussing their fantasy football plans for the week.  We pushed on past the new tenant by Shevan’s Park as to not disturb her rest.

Another stop at 14th for more Merkins and squats and a bear crawl across 13th st intersection.  And we mushed on to the park by the train depot.  Side note, this park could also be an excellent AO.  It’s well lit, lots of grass for Jang, play ground, gazebo, lots of possibilities.  We ground the packs at the park for a miniature welcome back party.  We circle up and do a pyramid up of burpees, merkins, squats, and LBCs for reps of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 4, 3, 2, and like Mini-Me would’ve done the last set was 5 again.  Why?  Because you should never be predictable.

Packs back on and we continue on to 7th st with cries of Hard Stop being heard for a block or two.  Hard stop for this ruck was 0630.  We arrived at 7th st at 0608.  We had exactly 22 minutes to make the 1.5 mile ruck back to Sweet Beans, my quick math said we’d have to move at a quicker than 15 min per mile pace to get there on time.  The coupons would now change hands every 90 seconds.  Tclaps to every single man.  That was an awesome push to make it back on time.

Announcements and prayer concerns were heard and Spinal Tap took the PAX out in the BOM.

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