What :Clamdigger BackBlast

When: 9-5-2017

PAX: Livermush, Puddles, Twitty, WInnie the Pooh, Costanza, Bunyon

I pulled up to find Puddles, Twitty and WInnie the Poo in the West lot. Costanza pulled up shortly after myself. After a brief disclaimer and mission statement we headed towards BB&T for Warm A Rama. Bunyon was locking his bike up as we started off and soon joined us to complete the Pax of 6.

Warm A Rama

SSH x 15

Sun Gods forward and Reverse X 15

Cotton Pickers X 15

Imperial Walkers X 15

Windmills X 15

Good Mornings X 15

We headed to the Park for The Thang

The Thang

Partner up. One Partner does suicides (cones laid out on Font Street while other completes exercises). We did not focus on reps just getting through all 6 Rounds.

Round Exercise Suicide
Round 1 Mojo Squats Burpee Suicides
Round 2 Dips Bear crawl suicide
Round 3 Air Press Lt Dans
Round 4 Monkey Humpers Lap around Post Office
Round 5 Merkins Burpee suicide
Round 6 Mountain Climbers Bear crawl Suicides




  • Freddy Mercury x  15
  • LBC x 15
  • Box cutters X 15
  • Low Slow Flutters X 25
  • Boss Tweeds X 25


Announcements/Prayer Requests

Boss Tweed on the Q for the Man O War on Thursday.

Prayers for Matthew Victims, Irma Victims and Pocahontas.





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