8 HIM met in the gloom including 1 FNG. Four Ruckers and four runners took off after a perfect mission statement and core principles were given by YHC.

The Ruckers logged over 4 miles, and YHC in the lead cleared eight spiderwebs. I was in secret hopes that the runners would take the trail and therefore clear the spiderwebs before the Ruckers, however they choose the easy route staying on the hard pavement.  Regardless of trail or pavement, YHC is proud of each HIM who posted this morning and their goals of fitness and community leadership, it’s not always easy to rise so early and start your day.

Tclaps for Cheech  for helping hacksaw and YHC with the rucksacks, It made a world of difference my friend!

Announcements: purple rain will Q the Rolling Stone, couch potato will Q the  Hashmark on Friday, pillbox to Q Mullet Wrapper on Friday.

Namarama: FNG named and then subsequently renamed afterward to Ponch

Prayers: Putin’s recovery, Ponch’s 2.0, and recent auto accident victims. Purplerain took us out in prayer.

Until next time-



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