• When: 11/28/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Pillbox
  • PAX: Purplerain, Griswold, Couchpotato (respect), Spam, Buttoncap, Hammy (respect), Sparkles
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

YHC arrives 5 min early looking forward to leading his second Q, but no cars were in the lot.  Not to worry, YHC has faith in the PAX and the PAX did not disappoint, Couchpotato comes in from his standard, TClaps brother,  Buttoncap makes his return from IR, and Spam posts again.  3-2-1, mission statement and disclaimer.

Sungods IC 10x Forward & Reverse
Left Over Right and Right Over Left Stretch count 8
Cotton Pickers IC x 10
Mosey around the lot one time to warm to temp

The Thang:
Deck of Death – PAX taking turns drawing cards and counting cadence.
Ace        Burpee IC  x 10
King       Birdman crunch L & R IC x 20
Queen    Alternating Shoulder Tap IC x 20
Jack       Side Straddle Hop IC x 20
Heart       #x Hands Free Merkins
Spade      #x Mountain Climbers IC
Diamond  #x Copperhead Squat IC
Club         #x Monkey Humpers IC

The PAX really enjoyed drawing Aces late in the deck, but hey, that will happen if no one cuts the deck before your hand is dealt!  Plenty of room to hide your tricks when you wear long sleeves to the AO.

One short lot lap mosey palate cleanser.

Bear Crawl Ring of Fire – PAX bear crawls in circle stops for 5 Merkins. and repeat.  This was the first time the PAX did this exercise so naturally there was mumblechatter around no HIM stopping short or we may redefining “headbutts.”

Hard Stop timer rang as YHC called for the start of Mary, the PAX responded got it done without delay.  Way to go gents.

ABC’s led by Griswald

Namarama, COT, Announcements:
Purplerain is arranging clown car(s) for LETC respect Q in Wilmington this Saturday.  Monkeywrench on the Q at the Rolling Stone. Buttoncap said he had the Q for the Prometheus Ruck, but now looks like Laettner will be Q.  Either way you should post.  Prayers of thanks and praise for Hammy’s youngest 2.0 birthday and Hammy’s 52nd birthday.  Prayer request for Amber Alert child from Onslow County.  Hammy took us out in prayer.

Great work everyone, it was a pleasure.

YHC, Pillbox

TClap |