Today wrapped up YHC’s 5 Q’s in 5 days tour, and it has been a fun week. This morning, 3 men joined YHC for a 5:15 start to do some rucking around Brandywine Bay. Walking Sungods IC x 10 (Forward and Reverse) were done to loosen up. Somewhere around 1/2 a mile in, a strange man drove up with a passenger that was eager to join us. Turns out, Hillary is a good friend to give Denver a ride to catch up with the Ruckers. FYI- No burpees were harmed during this event.

Stop 1 for Squats SC x 25. Back to it all the way to the Hwy. 70 entrance.
Stop 2 for Squats SC x 25, Merkins SC 25 Little while farther for
Stop 3 for Squats SC x 25, Merkins SC x 25, Walking Curls SC x 25 and Walking Overhead Press SC x 25
Stop 4 for Squats SC x 25, Merkins SC x 25, W Curls SC x 25, W OP SC x 25, Ruck Swings IC x 25

If ya have never done it, swinging that ruck up and down will get ya feeling it for sure! The next couple of minutes, YHC had the PAX rotate going from carrying no Ruck sack, carrying just their own, and carrying another mans and their own. YHC knew that it would be a relief to have the weight off of his shoulders, but it felt so good, he had to grab his pack back so not to get lazy! YHC encouraged the guys to not try to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, and to 1. look for people that we can help carry their load, and 2. find someone that can help carry ours. Burdens can and will become too much, but thats why God gave us each other, to help carry one another through.

Stop 5 for Squats, Merkins, Walking Curls, Walking Overhead Presses and Ruck Swings… All x 25 and then the PAX were instructed to lift their ruck up over their head for a little while. Not focusing on speed, just trying to cover some distance with the weight up high. Hitting our goal, packs went back on and then it was time for a few quick Bearcrawls up the Brandywine Bay Hwy. 24 Burns. Bearcrawl up, Crawlbear down. This was done 5 times.

Nearing 4 miles total, the pace was kept high, and Ron Burgundy and Denver joined YHC for a little jog to get some distance while Wilson and Goodwill continued to talk about the contract Goodwill is seeking for his Television career. I must see these advertisements! Back to the shovel flag for

Alternating Shouder Taps IC x 25
Low Slow Flutters IC x 25


T-Claps to Buckeye as we passed the Hashmark crew following his leading today. I’m sure it was a great one. Love spending time with these guys and learning from them. Gotta buy me some tickets to see Ron Burgundy display his style and ref skills sometime this season. Denver made a statement that its better to show up late than not to show up at all. Very true sir. I agree wholeheartedly… even when burpees have to be done for ya too. Impressed with Goodwill’s drive. He was the first to arrive this morning. And Wilson just makes everything better. Keep pushing my friend. You are getting better every day.

Ron Burgundy led the PAX in prayer in the Circle of Trust and then it was time to load up and roll out. Thanks for letting me lead today Frosted. Finishing up the week with 5 guys for workout # 5 was pretty cool. Now I can’t wait to be led by you guys. Let’s do this!


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