• When: 06/12/18
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Wilson
  • PAX: BlueCross, Pedro (Respect), Villa
  • AO: Anchor Ball, Morehead City

Wasn’t sure how many YHC would have and was surprised when I pulled in to see Pedro waiting. Had been thinking that if we didn’t have more than 4 we would join the QAR, but when BlueCross and Villa showed and said a big old negative, it was left to me to bring the sweet. 

The Mission Statement and disclaimer were given and it was time.

After a slow Mosey around the light post it was time for a little Warm O Rama:

15 Cotton pickers in cad

15 Side Straddle Hope in Cad

15 Wind Mills in cad

15 Sun Gods forward and back

15 count right over left

15 count left over right

We then Moseyed to the picnic tables for some interval work, :40 on :20 off

The thang





Plank jacks

After 5 sets (during one of these sets YHC pulled an Elvis, thank God we didn’t join the QAR and were close to the heads) we Moseyed back to the wall for some people’s chair.

We did 3 sets of Peoples Chair with Air Presses for a 20 count by each PAX and a mosey between each set. 

It was now time for Mary and YHC took this opportunity from some stretching, something all of us agreed we need to do more of.

Announcements made, Prayers given and Villa took us out in prayer. As always it was my honor to Q and I look forward to many more(like tomorrow, Monday the 18)!!


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