• When: 2/20/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Princess
  • PAX: Bayliner, Rameses, Monkey Wrench
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

YHC was sad to see a post from Newman who was needing someone to take his Q spot at the HIN due to him having to travel for a funeral. Always willing to help a F3 brother in need, I decided to step in. I couldn’t help feeling a little excited because this would be my VQ at the HIN.  Being a part of the western Carterico’s, I had only posted at the HIN a couple of times, but had enjoyed meeting the eastern PAX that were there.  What a great opportunity has come my way, until I woke up this morning and as I was heading to the AO, I was thinking that no one was going to show due to the weather.  To my surprise, there was a nice little group starting to roll in for the HIN and Kettle Bells. Ron Burgundy and I decided to team up for the Warm a Rama. All the PAX circled up and hard start! Ron Burgundy jumped in and gave a flawless mission statement and disclaimer.

Warm A Rama

SSH X 20, Sun Gods x10 forward and reverse, Hillbillies x15, Trunk Rotation IC x10, Cotton Pickers IC x15, Windmill IC x15 (Thanks RB, enjoyed teaming up with you!) The teams split up and mosey…

The Thang

I had to admit to the PAX  that I didn’t have hardly any time to plan so somethings were going to be on the fly. The workout for today was going to consist of 5 stops.

Stop #1: A version of Merkin suicide. 3 lines across the parking lot. Line 1: 10 Merkins, Line 2: 15 Merkins, Line 3: 20 Merkins for a total of 65 Merkins. We repeated this with squats for a total of 65. Mosey…

Stop #2: Since I didn’t have much time to plan, I decided to Introduce the Eastern PAX to my “Five Points Resort”. 4 corners with exercises at each corner and Burpees in the middle. Cone 1: 20 Merkins, Cone 2: 20 Carolina Dry Docks, Cone 3: 30 LBCs, Cone 4: 30 Squats. It starts with 5 Burpees in the middle and then run to a Cone, do the exercise and back to the middle to complete 4 Burpees after each cone. Then they could choose any three cones and back to the middle for 3 Burpees and so on… Bayliner & Rameses agreed that “It’s a killer!” Monkey Wrench gave us a 10 count and mosey…

Stop #3: Wall Worms up for a 10 count and down to one leg on the wall while completing 5 Merkins. We completed three rounds. Then two rounds of the people chair while completing Air Presses IC x 15. Mosey…

Stop #4: On the way to stop #4,  I spotted a staircase leading to the catwalk of the Civic Center, I guess. So why not! We completed 4 rounds up and down the stairs.  Using a half wall we completed Dips x30 & Erkins x20, Stepups for 1 min OYO  and then another round of Dips & Erkins x 20

Stop 5#: Mary round- LSF x15, Mountain Climbers x15, AST x15  HARD STOP! Great job!!!

Name a Rama, Announcements about upcoming Qs,  prayer request were taken and Ron Burgundy let us and a heartfelt prayer. (Thanks again RB)

So thankful to Newman for allowing me to take his spot and lead this small group of WARRIORS! Prayers to you and your family and a safe trip, brother!  Thanks to the gents that join me today and battled to the end… You Rock!




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