• When: 04/04/19
  • Workout Style: BOOT CAMP
  • PAX: Couch Potato (Respect), Navy (Respect), Dash 8 (Respect), Skid Mark (Respect), Birdman, Griswold, Princess, Tony Romo, Kiwi, FNG,
  • AO: Back Blasts

The West PAX were out in front the night before working on some HC’s. the only problem was every HC was a respect brother, except you Griswold. The question would be, “could any of us get through a workout without having to stop and pee?” YHC knew he wouldn’t be alone and it looked like Couch Potato was going to have an FNG in tow. YHC molded his workout to be effective but FNG friendly. Navy had commented on the wind factor at the AO but today seemed like a different story. The weather was perfect and the PAX began to roll in. It was good to see some of the regulars and some I don’t see that much. I got a face to face with Skid Mark. At my age you see a lot of them but rarely meet one that talks back. Princess was back after spending some time with the Charleston PAX. It seems they use strange words like push up or jumping jack and have no idea about starting position move. Couch Potato was true to his word, FNG in tow. Unlike Duck Butter, Couch Potato show us at the workout with his FNG. Countdown given 4,2,1 3 F’s, Mission statement and 5 Core principles given along with medical disclaimer.

Wait…Kiwi showed up 2 burpees


Mosey down the parking lot just past the corner for left over right stretch, downward dog stretch, windmills x 10, Mosey to the next corner for Cotton Pickers x 10, Hill Billies x 10 and Good Mornings x10. Griswold runs a tight ship, he reminded the PAX to make sure they count in front of the FN. Yes there was clapping, something YHC despises and Birdman knows it. It only lasted to about three or four because that’s as high as the counting can go.



Since it is 4-4 YHC decided to go with that theme using the four corners of the parking lot. PAX would start in the middle and do 5 burpees and run to the corner of the parking lot, 15 Hand release merkins, Back to the middle 5 Burpees, opposite corner 15 squats, middle 5 burpees, corner 3 Alt Shoulder Taps x 15, middle for 5 burpees. Corner 4 LBC’s IC x15, Go to the edge of the parking lot in between the corners for merkins x 15, back to the middle for 5 burpees, other side and finish with 15 WW1’s. Some where in there was a lot of talk about lubing up with other men but I’m not sure what Birdman was talking about.

Rinse and repeat only doing 10 of each exercise but always doing 5 burpees.

Lined up the PAX for some Apple Turnover, Griswold was quick to question if it was forest to the Sea? No my young apprentice no burpees. We are just flipping every third line from bear crawl to crab walk. Lt. Dan back to the middle. Mosey the long way around the parking lot to get some miles in.


Tony Romo had put in a suggestion for some Big Sexy the night before and YHC was glad to grant his request. I’m not sure it’s the best exercise you want to do with an FNG. Pickle pounders x 15, Boss Tweeds x 15 and Monkey humpers x15 all IC. Hard Stop.


The naming of our FNG seemed to take forever. The name was either didn’t fit the criteria or was just bad. Can an OG tell us who is responsible for the final say so for an FNG. Q? Site Q? We finally went with Radar. Welcome Radar another respect bother. the fastest growing part of F3.

Prayers for some folks Radar knows and Navy as he travels to his daughter’s wedding. Kiwi took us out as he likes to do because he has heard all he needs to hear.


YHC-Ron Burgundy

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