Hey Baby it’s cold outside………….   YHC arrived early this morning ITG to place a few cones on the field near the pump house for an all around workout for the pax.  Walking back to the car to get out of the cold and wind, low and behold, the man the myth the legend Ron Burgundy has beat the flu bug and is posting.  Great to see another Respect brother show today.  Within a couple of minutes the parking lot began to get filled with strong willing men that had beat the fart sack this bitterly cold morn.  Having the vehicles now for a wind break YHC crawled out of his ride and began to entice the pax to join him.   3,2,1 min warning and whose waiting, it’s cold out so we started early.  A perfect mission statement was given with a partial disclaimer, no FNG’s, so we began.

  • 20 SSH IC
  • 15 Cherry Pickers IC
  • 15 Windmills IC
  • 20 Copperhead Squats
  • Right over left, Left over right 10 count each followed by a warm up Mosey.


  • 20 Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • 15 Tempo Merkins
  • 10 Diamond Merkins
  • Captain Therkins (wanna know gotta show)  WWI-American Hammers-Merkins

At this point the pax were now all warm so we started the beginning workout.

  • Run to first cone                        10 Merkins SC OYO  backpedal to start wait for 6
  • Run to second cone                  20 LBC’S IC  OYO backpedal to start wait for 6
  • Run to third cone                       30 total (15) Lunges each leg SC OYO backpedal to start wait for 6
  • Run to fourth cone                     40 Squats SC OYO backpedal to start wait for 6
  • Run to fourth cone and back      50 Air presses IC OYO wait for 6  take off for a longer Mosey

On to the second workout     MODIFIED BLIMPS

  • 10 Burpees OYO wait for 6 then off to Run a cone slalom course
  • 20 Merkins SC OYO wait for 6 Run cone slalom course
  • 30 Imperial Walkers SC OYO wait for 6 Run cone slalom course
  • 40 Plankjacks SC OYO wait for 6 Run cone slalom course
  • 50 LBC’S IC (Griswold commented how that it’s really 100) OYO wait for 6 Run cone slalom course
  • 60 Squats SC wait for 6 Run cone slalom course
  • Longer Mosey to warm the hands back up
  • 15 DR. W’s  8 count exercise (come to a Blart workout and you will love these)
  • Longer Mosey – during this Mosey Griswold asked if DR W was a gynecologist???????
  • 15 Dying Cockroaches

One more Mosey and back for MARY

  • Yoga MARY today to stretch out those sore muscles
  • Right over left and Left over Right
  • Reach straight down center no bouncing and touch the ground
  • Spread the feet and center hang holding elbows, touch the ground walk it left, then walk it right
  • Plank position into Down Dog into Up Dog rinse and repeat
  • Plank position Lunge stretch right leg forward then twist with left arm to the sky
  • Plank position Lunge stretch left leg forward then twist with right arm to the sky

At this point YHC had nothing left for the pax and we still had 5 minutes, so Burgundy jumped at the chance to lead us in Protractors.  All I can say is WOW, much respect Ron B.  10 counts and 10 counts and finishing with 30 count  UGH.  Griswold wanted to get in on the action with 2 minutes to go so he had the pax do Pickle pounders.  (Come to the Knarr in January and find out what a Flounder pounder is)  After Griswold mentioned something about get comfy and find a hole it was off to the races pounding pickles.  Not finished yet, Winnie the poo jumped in with 30 seconds to go and had us Boss Tweeding to the passing cars.  Nice finish men. Proud to have led a fine group of real men who post in the cold.  You get out of it what you put into it.    Announcements were made and then Ron Burgundy took us out thanking the Sky Q for bringing such fine men together and asking for prayers for the recent losses in the community and helping us to become the shining light to help others to become better and make a difference to those that need it.      \

Blart Out     SYITG men



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