• When: 11/26/18
  • Workout Style: Tabata
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Devlin McGregor, Nippleshot, Wilson, Misty, Steamer, Rooney, Boss Tweed (Respect, Respect), Flanders, Immigrant, Ramses (almost Respect), Bayliner, Crabby Englishman, Suitcase (Respect), Jangle Leg, Reef Donkey, Lassie, Spinal Tap, Lamar, Gertrude (Respect), Duck Butter
  • AO: Back Blasts

I’m not sure about you fellas, but getting back in the F3 groove after a holiday weekend has always been one of my personal battles.  And by holiday weekends, I mean weekends.  And by weekends, I mean pretty much any day of the week.  The accountability of Madof’s clown car, like the accountability of q’ing, is normally the “thing” I need to get me going.  I wish I woke up with that je ne sais quoi of a man like Lassie, but alas, I am just a dude that battles the fart sack every morning.  But I won the battle last Monday.  And hopefully, now I’ll get back in a rhythm and be present more often.

I developed my Tabata plan the night before and got my stuff organized.  Got up early and ready to go get set up.  But my tummy said hold on big fella.  So I was a little later getting to the jib than I wanted to be.  No worries, Immigrant was there to lend a hand to help me set up.  Nippleshot was not impressed that I had arrived with three weighted ruck sacks.  Yes, I have three ruck sacks.  I actually have five.  It’s a disease.  I get it.  Whatever.  Sue me.  Actually, don’t sue me.  The opposite of that.

Appropriate minute warnings given as more dudes arrived.  I haven’t worked out with Flanders, Devlin McGregor, or Spinal Tap in a while so I was really excited to see them.  Introduction and mission statements were delivered with the eloquence of Debbie Gibson when she wore holey jeans, and we were off to Just the Tip park for


SSH IC x20

Cotton Pickers IC x10

Irish Potatoe Pickers for Dan Quayle IC x10

Sun Gods IC forward x10, reverse x10

3 burpees for a tardy Boss Tweed

YHC did respect that Tweed tried to slide in unnoticed.  As if a legendary presence like Tweed could go unnoticed.  For the record, Tweed was in much better condition than the last Monday we had worked out together.  Shewl.

On the mosey back to the jib to get to the matter at hand.  What to my wandering eyes should appear?  But Misty and Steamer running up, after getting some miles in from Steamer’s old neighborhood.  As the Pax welcomes our gazelle brothers to a workout where you don’t need Gert’s watch.  An unimpressed Jang, while taking a break from merkins, yelled out some obscenities from the cutting board.  Undaunted, YHC delivered the instructions for

The Thang

7 Stations, 3 exercises, 2 partners, 1 clock

At each of the seven stations, written in some sidewalk chalk I stole from the 2.0 were the prescribed exercises, to be completed AMRAP in the allotted 50 seconds.  10 seconds to flap jack with their partner, and then another 50 seconds of AMRAP, 10  more seconds of rest, and then exercise C done together with your partner for, you guessed it, 50 seconds.  Then each pair would rotate to the next station.

Station 1

A  Ruck sack merkins

B  Penguin Crunches

C  High Knees

Station 2

A  Band curls


C  Butt Kicks

Station 3

A  Band squats


C  High Plank Hold

Station 4

A  Sandbag Up and Overs

B  Crab cakes


Station 5

A  Ruck Sack overhead presses

B  Die’ing Cock Roaches

C  Tuck Jumps

Station 6

A  Reverse Wood Choppers with bands

B  Box cutters

C  Ankle Hops

Station 7

A  Ruck Sack Bear crawl

B  Peter Parkers

C  Skater Jumps

Some notes from the station work.  In a veteran move even MyT would be proud of, Misty used some of his Ruck Sack Merkin time to “figure out” how to put on the ruck.  It’s a back pack dawg.  His exact words, “How do I look.”  Good stuff my man.

Steamer gave his best effort on the penguin crunch.  Not knowing the exercise be damned, he pushed on, and performed some sort of Hummingbird Baby Crunch thing.  He looked like a cross of a man pissing on an electric fence, and a man on his back trying not to drown.

Wilson was YHC’s partner and he gave ole Duck many dirty looks throughout the workout.  He was not happy with the beeping of the phone.  But he didn’t quit either.

Nipple announced he was only present to make the back blast.  What up Nip.  You’re in there homie.

A short palate cleansing mosey to the Gulf docks, and we came back to the jib to repeato each station and exercise at 30 seconds per.

Finishing up right at the hard stop time, the Table Setterers led by Crabby came up for a converged COT.  Crabby was celebrating his 3rd anniversary with F3 Carterico, until he realized he was celebrating his 2nd anniversary with F3 Carterico.  Either way, congrats Crabby.  Keep it up.  And by keep it up, we really mean, keep showing up on time!

Much respect to Dev, Reef, Flanders, and Spinal Tap for the EC Ruck before the workout.  Strong showing men.

Announcements and prayer concerns given and YHC took us out with reflections on life, choices, and opportunities.

As always, thanks for choosing to spend the morning with me.  Look for my next back blast coming up soon

DB, out.

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