• When: Green Mile
  • Workout Style: Run, Walk, Ruck
  • QIC: Rupaul
  • PAX: Couch Potato, Laettner, Cooter, Cheech, Princess, and Navy
  • AO: Back Blasts

By the time I arrived, Cheech and Princess were already stretching for the run, Navy was walking up at the same time I was, followed by Cooter.  Laettner came strolling in at a 5 min pace.  An almost flawless mission statement was given.  A brief description of the flooded paths that were still remaining was also given, then off we went.  Laettner and Navy headed toward the bridge to pick up couch potato.  I tried to keep up with Cooter and lasted for about a mile then he pulled away.  I was then passed by Laettner who makes it look so easy. As I was ready to turn around I could hear the consistent steps of Couch Potato and Navy.  I fell in with them and pushed forward for a couple more minutes and then we began the run back.   We ran into Cheech and Princess and they turned around as well.  I watched as Navy (Respect) and Couch Potato (Respect) pushed ahead of me.  I fell into a comfortable pace to the finish.  We were taken out by a great prayer from Laettner.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Griswald and his family during this time.  They are with the community as we continue to rebuild daily.

It was a beautiful morning for a run, clear cool and dry.  I was surrounded by a group of great men and had 45 minutes to clear my head.  I am amazed each and every day with you gentlemen.  All skill levels pushing and supporting one another.  It was great to meet Cheech and Princess, I look forward to doing it again.

Thank you gentlemen. Until next time.

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