• When: 04/24/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Madoff
  • PAX: Suitcase (Respect), Monkeywrench (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Chainlink, Pasqually, Pocahontas
  • AO: Back Blasts

100% chance of rain forecast watered down the quantity, but not the quality at the QAR. Mother Nature performed on Q, and YHC was relieved as Poca brought 2 towels with him in the clown car. A seasoned pax greeted us as we pulled up to the liquid sunshine at Rotary Park, with Suitcase and the Respect Brothers already on the scene. Fortunately, Chainlink and a late-arriving Pasqually dropped average pax age back into the 50s. Honestly, YHC flirted with a dry workout under the shelter.  But who doesn’t love to play in the rain? Reefy D?  So after 3Fs and a disclaimer, YHC led moseying pax to end of baseball parking lot for:


YHC has never seen grown-ass men who like to run thru puddles more than Monkeywrench and Pasqually. They threw off more wake than Duckbutter falling off a dock!


Seal jacks and other warmup exercises

Mosey back to soccer field for:

Thang 1

The Diamond

1st Cone:  10 Burpees

2nd Cone:  20 CH squats

3rd Cone:  20 Merkins

4th Cone:  20 WW Is

Bear crawl between cones. Palate cleanser back thru puddles to tree of life and repeat Diamond, with different exercises in Round 2

Mosey to starting point shelter for:

Thang 2

Grab a spot at picnic table for tablework:

Dips, Irkins, Merkins, Stepups, Derkins

3 rounds with trip to tree of life in between rounds for Monkey and Pasqually amusement.

Mosey to flag for 3 Minutes of Wet Mary


Prayer Requests:  David Hesmer

COT led by YHC

Suck it Gert!!


Above workout is NOT MeeMee approved

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