• When: 03/14/18
  • Workout Style: Bootcamp
  • QIC: Big Mic
  • PAX: Rooney, monkey wrench, Pastor cleaver, Pasquali, Blue Cross, Reef Donkey, Ramesees, Bayliner, Gertrude, Shroom, Honkey Tonk, Hilary, Holiday Mansion
  • AO: Back Blasts, Hole in None

Mole Skin: YHC came out to scout the terrain yesterday in the light snow dusting in preparation for today’s Q in hopes of getting the timing and mileage straight. Then after reading MyT’s Backblast I reminded of the real importance of why we do this and the importance of the Q learning to lead and trying to meet each individual pax where they are in this journey. With that in mind I scrapped some of what I had and just made some calls in the moment that thought could make it good for everybody

Circled around the flag and disclaimed with a bit more reverence after reading MyTs post. Quick mosey to the pool under construction and back to the flag.

SSH X 20
MH X 20
5 burpees for the 6

100HR merkins
150 WW1 sit-ups
200 squats

Mosey to the 1st hole
5 Carolina DD
10low slow flutters
15 mountain climbers

Repeat through hole 8 with plank work waiting on the 6

HS at 6:17. Great day to get better


YHC took us out in prayer. Always a pleasure to lead and today especially one day after celebrating a birthday I’m more thankful than ever for health and good friends

Big Mic

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