YHC rolled in early to set up some cones and Pillbox was there chompIng at the bit ready to get going! The rest of the PAX came in with a few minutes to spare.  1 minute warning was given, then the mission statement. I was ready to rattle off the 5 core principles, but Doublemint wasn’t there. Ran through them real quick than a quick warmarama.

Cotton pickers IC 15
LOR, ROR, Regulat 20 count each

The Thang:

Off for a short mosey over to the Sea Shore soccer wall.
BTTW as close as you can get for a 10 count or 5 push ups PAX choice from this position,  going one at a time. Then out to a 45 angle and repeat the process one at a time

Mosey over To the first cone I set up earlier.

10 cones were set up each 50 yards apart. At each cone the PAX will do 5 Burpees and a tag telling the PAX how to proceed to the next come. After explaining the routine, Lunchbox expressed his adoration for me!
1st  cone bear crawl  to 2nd
bear crawl backwards to 3rd
broad jump to 4th
lunge to 5th
Lt. Dans to 7th
backpedal to 8th
Jail break to 9th
webicide (5 Merkins at each yard line total of 50) to 10th
seal crawl back to first cone. There was some confusion on this one. I’ve never seen a seal with knees, but we will work on this one next time.

Mosey over to the small soccer field to the far end for Dora.

partnered up for
150 merkins
300 squats
400 LBC
Partner 1 Runs to closet side of goalie box and does 2 burpees and then back to switch with partner 2

Mosey back to football field to pick up cones on our way to the playground

Keeping with the partners, partner one will do 5 pull up or 20 merkins (PAX choice)while partner does American hammers. Each partner will this  4 times.

Mosey to batting cage jumping over the right field fence on the big baseball field then  across the outfield then over the left field fence To the batting cages.

10 WW1 IC
10 butterfly sit up IC
Rinse and repeat 2 times due to time


Mosey to flags hopping fence on softball field I’m the same way we did the baseball field.

With one minute left I gave the PAX another choice, Mary or Have a nice day. Purple Rain yelled Mary wotho T hesitation!

Alphabet it was with capital letters
Hard stop right at 8:00!

Each PAX did a total of between 80 and 90 Burpees, and just at 90 Merkins. Total distance covered was just over 2 miles. Doesn’t sound like a lot but we were digging deep to get though.

Announcements: Looking for more people to sign up for the Brolympics in Wrightville Beach Oct 7th

A new 3rd F will be starting at the Cape Carteret Presbyterian Church Oct. 5 starting at 6 pm.  All are welcome!

Purple Rain took us out in prayer

As always it was a an honor to lead such an outstanding group of men! I look forward to the next workout!

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