YHC was happy to be back in the saddle again on the Q of the Prometheus. Pulling in to the Dunkin’ Donuts parking lot, I spot Laettner suiting up and Buttoncap and Ladybug keeping warm in their trucks. After getting my gear on, I circle up with the pax and a hard start is called at 5:15. We look down the road for an approaching couch potato, but he is nowhere to be found. Off we go towards Swansboro. It was an uneventful first leg full of 2nd F. We turned Just on the other side of the Swansboro bridges at about 5:47. We would have to pick up the pace to hit our hard stop. Somewhere on the second bridge a headlamp comes bouncing into view. Couch potato has arrived! Laettner checked his watch and discovered that for two weeks in a row, couch potato has been late for the Prometheus and has caught the pax at the 37 min mark. Way to be consistent at least. Considering that couch potato runs from his house to meet us, no burpees were given. We presssd on towards Dunkin’. Laettner broke from the group a few times on the return trip to do some timed runs to meet some training goals he has set. T-claps to him for pushing himself. With time running out, YHC called for a jog to finish out the ruck. We strolled in to the parking at 6:15 for a hard stop.

Announcements and prayer requests are given, and YHC takes us out in prayer.

Congrats to Ladybug for reaching a weight loss milestone! Your hard work is paying off. Congrats to Couch Potato’s 2.0 on achieving a huge goal in her life with her acceptance to West Point! Very inspiring! Good to see Buttoncap pushing through the pain to join the group as he continues to deal with some physical issues. Thanks fellas for making me better!


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