• When: 09/25/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Ron Burgundy
  • PAX: Monkey Wrench (Respect), Blart, Sniffer (Respect), Q-Ron Burgundy (Respect)
  • AO: Ft. Benjamin Park, Knarr, Morehead City

YHC arrived on scene to find a shadowy figure cross his path. It was Monkey Wrench getting in some extra running to ready himself for the 8K Seafood Fest run. The other PAX members soon followed and the countdown started 5 3, 2 ,1. All statements were given including a flawless mission statement. #Pasqually.

YHC enjoyed the weekend celebrating his 35th high school reunion with his mates. YHC wants to make sure that when you young guys, everyone excluding Boss Tweed, Pedro, Wifi and Puddles, go to your reunion I want you to look good. I kept the theme alive during the workout.


Mosey running the course backwards to the Bball courts for SSH x 35, Cotton Pickers x 35

Mosey to the playground Imperial Walkers x 35, Abe Vigoda/Windmills x 35, they started as Abe Vigoda’s but were taking too long so YHC sped them up to regular windmills.


YHC had set cones up on the soccer field for a mini suicide exercise. PAX was to do ten of the exercise and then run to the first cone, do ten more of the exercise, run back to the start and run to the third cone and do 10 more of the exercise, run back to start and to the end of the field and do five of the exercise for a total of 35 to keep with 35th school reunion theme.                                                                   Rd 1. Carolina (Catalina for Jang) Wine Mixers x 35 Rd. 2 Money Humpers x 35 Rd. 3 Hand Release Merkins x 35 Rd. 4 Boss Tweeds x35

Mosey to the picnic tables for Dips and Earkins. PAX would do 10 dips, 10 earkins, 10 dips, 10 earkins, 10 dips, 10 earkins, 5 dips, 5 earkins and then take a run around the soccer field (3 sets completing 35 each time with a run)

BTTW Each man was to give an 8 count and the last counted to 9. Once the exercise was complete and the PAX was leaving YHC realized it only added up to 33. YHC threatened to go back and make it run but decided against it.

Mosey to the soccer field. PAX would start at the original cone and we run about 80% to the first cone, pick it up, run back to start and then to the second cone, back to start and to the third, back to start and to the end. Good way to get some running in but more importantly it was a way for YHC to pick up his cones. Mosey to shovel flag.


American Hammer x 35

LBC’s x35 led by Money Wrench.

Hard stop 6:15

Blart took us out with prayer reminding us that we can change the world in a positive way, one man at a time. We also want to make sure we continue to pray for his brother-in-law as he recovers.

We may have been small in number but we were large in commitment. It is that commitment to the PAX that keeps us all showing up every day. Thank you F3 brothers for allowing me to lead today. I hope we all can see improvement in ourselves each and every day.

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