Once Creflo found out I had a 3 year anniversary he was on the horn getting me to Q at his AO.  Having been to this AO for some time I had no reservations doing it.   Having EH’d  a friend just out of a chance meeting, I was more than happy to bring one of our newest Pax to the growth AO of the Anchor B.  Bandit had messaged YHC about what would be involved in this posting and I assured him this is the AO he wants to go to.  Just getting back into the workout thing since the Corps (92), Bandit is hanging in there and showing it doesn’t take long to pick up where you left off.  So now since the history is done let’s get into the workout.

Pulling into the parking lot of the Marlins Stadium, I found Turnpike and Bandit.  Hoping there would be more Pax to actually make my plan work, I was pleased to see Lil Smokey, Creflo,and Birdman come rolling in.  Alrighty, a strong group of 6.  5,3,1 minute warnings were given and on to a Hard Start.  3F’s were given along with a perfect mission statement.  The pax were off to a rolling warmarama.  Down to the lower parking lot keeping an eye out for the QAR men just in case they wanted to warm up together, but in true fashion they blew us off and went the opposite way.  No big deal we had all the strength we needed.  SSH IC x 10, Abe Vigoda IC x 10  a little mosey around the tree of life and back to the parking lot for some CP’s IC x 10, pax inspired stretching and to finish it off with Sun Gods fwd,bckwd IC x 10.

The Thang

YHC showed up a little bit early to set out 4 cones for the workout today.  The pax would perform an exercise OYO then run fwd around the first cone, Carioca to the left, back pedal, side step and then complete another lap around said cones back to the starting point.  4 exercises in order of Merkins, LBC’s, Alternating Shoulder Taps, Hello Dollies.  At this point the pax moseyed towards the side entrance and stopped for Hands of Time with a count of 21 set by Turnpike and Protractor.  Mosey down around the sign and back to do Guantanamo.  Taking the Pax back to the flag we performed another round of 4 exercises except this time the Pax would go the opposite way as the first time.  Pushing the Pax at a good pace we moseyed our way down to the Shelter for 2 rounds of Dips, Erkins, Alternating Step Ups.  Mosey around the Tree of Life and back to the flag.  With 7 minutes to go, Ab exercises would be on tap until 2 minutes of broga stretching would take us to a Hard Stop. Great work men.

It was a pleasure leading this group of hard working men today.  Thank you Creflo for giving me the keys to the AO.

Announcements, Prayer concerns, YHC took us out in BOM.

Blart Out


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