After a warm-up Ruck with Puddles, Winnie & Wilson,

YHC drove from the Sanitary to Big Rock Landing in a warm truck with heated seats and, for a second, debated on heading to the house. I was excited to see Immigrant waiting on me and also that Wilson decided to stay around fro the Band of Brothers. Creativity is not in my bag, so I went with an old faithful that still gets my heart pumping: A modified Rack and Stack and Get Back.

Mission statement was given, disclaimer, and we warmed up:

SSH x 15 IC, SunGods 10 IC front and back, Cotton Pickers 10 IC, Runners lunge.

and so it began:

5 Erkins, 10 Bicep curl, R&L, 15 dips, 20 squats, 25 Lat pulls, and 50 Jump Ropes. In between each exercise, we moseyed, and added the exercise that was coming up next. Upon completion, we reversed, so we ended up doing:

40 Erkins, 70 Bicep Curls each side, 105 dips, 120 squats, 125-150 Lat pulls, 250 Jump Ropes and moseyed 1.5 miles. (2.7 miles if we would have had Gertrude’s watch.)

We finshed with 3 minutes of Mary 20 LBC IC, 15 American Hammer IC, 15 Box Cutter IC and some Hillary -style stretches to finish up. Hard Stop 6:15am.

Prayer Request were lifted for Lassie’s brother, John, continues improvement for Holiday’s M, and Immigrant’s mother-in-law.

YHC took us out asking for prayer for those mentioned, prayers for the lost, and wisdom to see where we can help those in need this season.

It is always a pleasure to lead. I appreciate the consistency of Wilson, and the great example he sets for me to be regular and consistent in my fitness. I appreciate Immigrant and his dedication to be at his site, and others, even when conditions aren’t ideal. Thanks to Puddles for the Sunday night HC to the pre-ruck to get me moving early!

Devlin MacGregor

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