The weatherman lied about this morning. According to my thermometer, it was much colder than forecasted, 28 degrees when YHC left the house.  But, that did not deter 7 brave pax, including Pasquale who we all thought had forgotten that the west existed.   

Arriving early to Western park, the Q realized that Sparkles backyard recon was incorrect, and the back parking lot remained roped off.  The Q’s plan was foiled, and it would be a morning of Omaha…

After trying to decipher Dash-8 and Grassi’s secret pilot language, we started warmarama at 0700 with 6 pax.  3 minutes later, lunchbox rolled in driving some foreign vehicle. The burpees would happen later…

Hillbillies IC

Windmills IC

Right and left RDLs SC

Mosey around the building to an empty lot for more warmarama:

Monster walks

3 burpees for lunchbox


3 burpees for lunchbox🤔

High knees

3 burpees for lunchbox😏


3 burpees for lunchbox 🤷‍♂️

We then got in plank position at one end of the parking lot and sideways plank-walked to mid lot, did 3 burpees, and finished the lot in the opposite direction.  Rinse and repeat. Next, we partnered up for a little catch-me-if-you-can:  P1 = backpedal, P2 = 15 X monkey humpers. We ended up at the back of my truck, which was full of weights and some logs: P1 ran to the playground for either 5 pull-ups or 10 second bent arm hang. P2 completed a series of exercises with the weights; bicep curls, overhead press, goblet squats, and skull crushers.  Not many of the pax did this correctly, which was blamed on the Q’s instructions, but the Q thinks it was because all of the jaw flapping (ahem, Pasquale).  After 4 rounds of this, we dropped the weights and headed to the wall for a countdown series:  20 donkey kicks, 20 HRM, 15 plank walk ups, 15 HRM, 10 wall mountain climbers, 10 HRM, 5 donkey kicks, 5 HRM.  With noodle arms, we moseyed to the picnic tables for a quad burnout. We complete 20 of each squat exercise, with 4 table up-and-overs in between: wojo squats, box squats, triple extension squats, copperhead squats, squat jumps, step ups, and Al Gore X 30 seconds. With screaming thighs, we moseyed to the low bleachers. AMRAP for 30 seconds: P1 = alternating toe taps on bench, P2 = series of alternating lunges, Catalina wine mixers, prisoner ups, and ???.   Because the grass was frozen, and lunchbox forgot his gloves, the Q decided to plank railroad back to the truck with jump overs.  Lunchbox took it like a man! 

Time was running low, so we moseyed back around  the building and to the flag for some Mary:  reverse snow angels, heels to heaven, hello dolly, pickle pounder (which Grassi did backwards but has somehow still managed to have children). During Mary, the two pilots were still flapping their pie-holes so much, that the Q couldn’t hear a count. So, the Q decided to use the last minute until a hard stop to quiet dash-8 with 40+ squat jumps!  (Has anyone else noticed that Cooter is usually the only one counting???)

Hard stop, count off, namearama, announcements, and prayer requests happened. We went out in prayer lifting up many of our F3 brothers with health and family concerns.  

We missed some of the FOD regulars today.  Hopefully sparkles got to watch us sweat while he sat in his warm house with his feet up sipping coffee. Hopefully navy was able to kill something for dinner. Hopefully purplerain did not pull a muscle in his bedroom the night before.  Hopefully couch potato was able to see well enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons.  It was good to see that princess remembered how to correctly set his alarm, and grassi is back in country safe.  

Thanks for another great morning guys, and thanks for the opportunity lunchbox.  We’ll do 3 more burpees for you at my next Q. 

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