With most of the Beaufort regulars out of town for various reasons we had a small group but a group I knew wouldn’t mind a little more running than usual.  After a departure from the regular meeting point we ran to the courthouse for a quick warm up that was more of a stretching session.  Continuing on to the Turner Street bridge we did a quick set of…

Diamond Merkins

Dive Bombers

Goodbye Dollies, which is a hello dolly but has a sit up at the end in a 4 count cadence

After arriving at the base of the new high rise on the pedestrian side we began the real workout.  Running a ladder starting at the base then going to the first expansion joint and back. Followed by running to the second joint then back.  This continued until we had arrived at the top of the bridge at the fourth joint.  After a cool down consisting of some side straddle hops we completed the same pattern going back down to the base.  A quick set of merkins and erkins and we proceeded straight back over Turner street and back to the Dockhouse.  I knew wifi had a race coming up as I also did and a good running workout would benefit us.  I plan on taking advantage of the biggest hill in Beaufort as long as possible!

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