After introductions and greetings, we moseyed over and gathered around a circle of weights, 2 – 20lb and 2 – 30lb.


Pax was instructed to get in the plank position and wait their turn for each exercise. First man did SSH x 10 then returned to plank, next man up, SSH x 10, return to plank, next man up, SSH x 10. Cotton pickers and Windmill were performed in the same manner. This is referred to as Johnny Cash referring to the lyrics from “Ring of Fire” – “and it burns, burns, burns that ring of fire.”


Each man was standing in front of their chosen weight. Squid and Blart drew the 20 pounders and Shaft got stuck with the 30.

Burpees with weight x 5

Bicep Curls x 10

Chest press x 10

Overhead Tricep extension x 10

Overhead press starting on the ground x 10

Peter Parkers x 10

Merkins x 10

Alternating Shoulder Taps x 10 each arm

Diamond Merkins x 10

Body Builders x 10

Chillcut Peter Parkers x 10

That completed round 1 so we shifted weights, Shaft got a 20 and Blart and YHC got a 30 for round 2 of the same exercises.

Round 2 complete, we took a palate cleanser across the highway to the open field were we found some 4x4s. 4×4 = 4 Merkins followed by 4 Mount Climbers (each leg). We did 5, caught our breath, and then went back to the weight circle for round 3.

Round 3 reps increased to 10 Burpees with weight and 20 reps of all others. Round 4 went the same way with a lot of whiskey dicking and questionable accounting practices.

Time expired. Hard stop.

Good job today guys. Thanks for playing.


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