When purplerain and YHC heard that Laettner lost the scheduled Q for FOD this weekend, we were excited for the opportunity to hold a Q school. Western Carterico has some newer pax that are ready to step up. The weather and sickness may of hurt the numbers this morning but it still turned out to be a great opportunity for us to show what F3 is all about.
The rain was coming down steady during the countdown to a hard start, so we moseyed to the picnic shelter. We circled up, and YHC started by discussing the importance of a hard start/stop, the preblast, the 5 core principles, and the basics of a bootcamp F3 workout. We also discussed the job of a site Q and how to plan out a workout. Then on to the mission statement and content of the disclaimer.
Enough talking! Time for purple rain to join me in the middle for a Warmarama demonstration of “how to count”. We practiced IC, OYO, and on my down, with an emphasis on the pax response. Next, we went around the circle and each pax came to the center to practice leading 5 reps of an exercise of their choice. Success!
At this point, purple took over with a discussion of why it’s important to learn to count in F3, and the benefits of posting with other groups. We then moseyed to near tennis courts where purple explained a couple of common “thangs”, And why it’s so important in F3 to never leave the 6. We partnered up for a Dora including merkins, LBC, SSH, and air press. Time to get out of the wet grass, and onto the wet tennis courts. Purple explained “sevens”, and we went through with burpees and diamond merkins.
Time was running short at this point, so we moseyed back to the flag. The pax had more time to practice counting with Mary until a HS. Purple explained what is involved with the COT and BOM, and (per duckbutters advice) he got us the ponder why we post at F3.
What a great morning with the pax! We missed many of our regulars due to illness, injury, travel, and family concerns, but we remembered them with prayer requests. Cooter took us out with some great words.
One of our own, redskin, paid his family and us a surprise visit this morning with one last FOD post before deploying to Korea next week. Keep lifting him and our troops up in prayer!
On behalf of YHC and purple rain, we were honored to lead this morning with Q school. It is awesome to see the pax grow in so many ways. Laettner, thank you for giving us this opportunity, and not finding another replacement Q for today. The workout may not of been as hard this morning, but the 2nd and 3rd F was mighty strong.

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