• When: 10/23/17
  • Workout Style: Run
  • QIC: Griswold
  • PAX: Laettner, lunchbox, purplerain, couchpotato (respect), Griswold
  • AO: Green Mile

Most of the pax were already there and stretching when the YHC rolled in the parking lot.  There was only a couple minutes of warning before a hard start at 0530.  A fumbled mission statement was given, followed by a quick disclaimer, then off to the races!  The pax ran down the Emerald Isle bike path, headed east this time for a little something different. The pax split up into a group of three and a group of two, so no man was left solo.  That allowed for some good second F, much like you may see on a ruck.     On the return to the parking lot, the group of three caught up with a group of two, and we finished up the last 0.3 miles together.  It was a great way to encourage each other to finish strong.     There was couple of minutes of stretching in the parking lot, announcements made, and YHC took us out in prayer.

It was a gorgeous “T-shirt weather” run for late October. Thanks for letting me Q Maytag. I really enjoyed the fellowship today.  All three F’s were strong this morning.

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