Weather was perfect for this fine Monday morning to post, and YHC was hoping for a great turnout.  As I ventured down to Big Rock Landing, I started replaying in my mind what I had planned and was hoping it would deliver what was needed.  Round the corner by Olympus Dive Center, I spotted a very familiar vehicle owned by the and only Wilson.  At 04525 still only Wilson and myself, but there was still hope that one  or more would show.  Flag planted and  warnings of 3, 2, and 1 were mentioned and we were off with mission statement and disclaimer were mentioned and understood as we quickly moseyed to start our day with a stop for the following:

Warmarama (9th St/ Bask Hotel)

Cotton Pickers


Sun Gods

Mosey to our next stop for:

The Thang

11th St Stop

Bicep Curls (both arms) x 15

Shoulder Press (Right then Left) x 15

13th St Stop

Upright rows x 15

Air squats x 15

Chest press (bands around light pole) x 15

Extra Long Lt Dan followed this stop as we made our way up 13th St from Shepard to Evans.

13th St stop

Bicep curls x 15

Shoulder press (Right then Left) x 15

Mosey 2 more blocks

11th St stop

Upright rows x 15

Air squats x 15

Chest press x 15

Mosey to the park by the old train depot for a little workout under the gazebo with the following taking place for 3 rounds each:

Dips x 15

Erkins x 15

Crunches with bands hanging from the rafters x 15

Quick mosey 2 blocks to our next stop

9th St stop

Upright rows x 15

Air squats x 15

Chest press x 15

Short mosey back to Big Rock Landing in time for:


LBC’s x 25

Hard Stop had arrived and both of us were glad we made the loop.  Announcements and prayer request were made and YHC tool us out in prayer.

It was again a great honor to lead this morning. My hope and prayer as we move forward is that with the weather turning that more will come out and take advantage of what we are dong here in Carterico.  I also pray that those who don’t usually attend certain AO’s will venture out into new territory and try something new.  I believe in what we have here is special and we keep it that way as we continue to be the best we can be for many years to come.

Until next time……..




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