• When: 4/23/2019
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: FrankNBeans
  • PAX: FrankNbeans, Sparkles, Navy, Cheech, Tony Romo, Princess, DumpsterDawg, SkidMark, Dash 8
  • AO: Boonedocks, Cape Carteret Expansion

Charlie surfed while the real men showed up. 90% of success is showing up and well the boyz did more–they showed up, got down, grew up, stood down, then stood up asking for more. Thanks to Dash 8 who caused us to do an additional 1/2 burpee,to Sparkles for trusting me and for silently keeping count. shout out to Navy whose biological clockis set 7 minutes ahead of the rest of the world. Every Marine knows if you are on time you are late. Thanks to Princess who is fleet of foot (Carioca’s), to Cheech who is a true Barnabus, to Skid Mark may have stopped laughing at some point between Route 66 and Merkin Mania, to Double D whose intensity was measured in looks to kill. and Tony R who remembered how to end.

In remembrance of Easter and our Lord’s sacrifice today’s workout followed the 15 stations of the cross. Note the ex’s that have a connection to the stations. While I never heard a cock crow 3 times, I did hear a lot of well deserved mumble chat. For my first solo Q, I count the not-so-quiet discontent as a compliment and all complaints were another way of saying, “give us more–we can take it.” But maybe my standards are low, after all if everyone sweats, no one dies, and we all leave feeling and thinking better than we arrived–well, it’s a win.

1 Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane–INTRO Mission Statement
2 Jesus betrayed by Judas —Disclaimer
3Condemned by the Sanhedrin WARM UP CAPRI LAP
4 Denied by Peter (points away from self) 60 SECOND ARM CIRCLES
5 Judged by Pontius Pilot (Whining, “why, why?”)NANCY KERRIGANS
6 Scourged and given a crown of Thorns CARIOCA
7 ROUTINE Jesus bears his cross MERKIN LADDER
8 Helped by Simon (along the road) ROUTE 66
9 Meets the women of Jerusalem WILT CHAMBERLINS  (modified to Spud Webs–25 each)
11 Jesus promises his kingdom to the repentant thief (doesn’t make human sense) RANDORAMA LBCs, Merkins, AIR PRESS,
12 Jesus speaks to his mother and disciple (takes her home) SCOUT RUN back to flag,
13 MARY Jesus Dies on the cross ABC’S
14 Jesus placed in tomb BOX CUTTERS
15 Jesus is Resurrected– HAVE A NICE DAY 1 minute to reflect on the pain we just endured compared to the pain Jesus suffered for us.

CIRCLE OF TRUST Announcements: Prometheus–be there! Get-together–May 11th? Prayer Requests, PAX on VAY-K, Sri Lanka, boy who drowned this weekend, Laettner and his family.

He has risen indeed!

PLEASE: Send me areas of improvement in a pvt message so I can continue to serve, and we will continue to grow.

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