i arrived early to check the lay of the land and a few pax were already there ready to get started.  While we waited for a hard start, the rest of the guys showed up (14 strong pax).


SSH x 20 ic

cottonpickers x 10 ic

4 count merkins x 15

down dog with bonus left leg to the sky and repeat with right leg

updog or cobra ( u decide)

runners stretch each leg and mosey to the Thang

the thang

Partner exercize     partner A bear crawl to designated point and crawl bear back, partner B LBC’s AMRAP  2 rounds

next  partner A Lt. Dan to said point and back while partner B merkins AMRAP  2 rounds

next partner A backward run to point while partner B star jumps AMRAP  2 rounds

mosey to back lot for the 1000 yrd dash

run to end of parking lot, start 20 % middle 80% end 20%, then back plus 2 burpees OYO

rinse and repeat 5X’s

mosey to church entrance for a round of balls to the ball left hand touching your back then switch arms for alotted time

switch to wall sits picking left leg up for 10 count then right leg up for 10 count 2x’s then while in position 5 count by each pax

next dips, irkins, and dirkins x10 ic rinse and repeat

at this point we mosey to the flag for some Mary

low slow flutters x 15 ic,  american hammers x 15 ic, and finally lay and pray

prayers for dash 8 as he is contending with 15 kidney stones and putin(@navy’s 2.0) as he is recovering from emergency surgery

Frank and Beans took us out with a heart felt prayer for those in need and those silent prayers we all have.

Thanks for sharing the Boonies with me @cheech and thank you men for pushing me to keep coming back. Always great to see some out of towners spending their vaca with us.

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