Standing at my 2.0’s track meet (way to cold for running) on Wednesday, my phone rings and lo and behold Squid assigning me work for Friday.  Glady accept the challenge, boy did I accept a challenge.  Coming up with a plan of doing 12 days of Exercise (play on the 12 days of Christmas), YHC thought since it was the day after good ole St Nicholas had delivered joy to the less fortunate children, the pax would enjoy the giving of a well rounded workout.  First time ever YHC couldn’t sleep past 0430, so up and at it.  Asking the M if it was cold outside (she just let the dog out) she said eh or something like that.  Way overdressed YHC showed at the AO by 0510 followed soon by the always early MonkeyWrench.  Wondering if more HIM’s would show up having only one HC, we sat there and awaited the pax.  Comment was made after awhile about not having Q’d this many pax in a long time.  Squid on the time clock called out the warnings and YHC decided close enough as Newman came in like a Pasqually catching up to the pax on there Mosey to the Warmarama area.


  • SSH IC 20
  • Cotton pickers(called out by the pax as YHC misspoke and called them cherry pickers) IC 15
  • Windmills IC 15 only because RonB wanted to check something out behind me (prison terms)
  • Imperial Walkers IC 15
  • Sun Gods Fwd 10 IC
  • Burpee for the Mumblechatter (didn’t do a thing)
  • Sun Gods Rev 10 IC

Mosey over to a nice little grassy knoll.  Black op style workout.  The pax picked up the mumble.  Whew, tough crowd today.  So on to the 12 Days of Exercises


All exercises performed as the song goes.  Start at one, then two including one, then three including two and one, and so on all the way up to twelve.

  • Day 1 – 1 Burpee
  • Day 2 – Double Merkin  (pax confused, double means 2, Merkin means push up, What’s the issue)
  • Day 3 – 3 IC Cooperhead Squats
  • Day 4 – 4 IC Catalina Wine Mixers
  • Day 5 – 5 IC Dying Cockroaches
  • Palette cleanser run across 24 around the center loop.  Some mumble about the preblast no running.
  • Day 6 – 6 SC Carolina Dry Docks
  • Day 7 – 7 IC LBC’s
  • Day 8 – 8 IC Air presses
  • Day 9 – 9 IC Hello Dollies
  • Day 10 – 10 IC Alternating Shoulder Taps
  • Day 11 – 11 IC Rosalita’s
  • Day 12 – 12 IC Supermans

One round of Guantanamo to finish off the legs (remember no running still have to get leg work in).

After all was said and done.  And let me tell you a lot was said,.

  • Totals were 12 Burpees plus the extras thrown in to quell the chatter but it didn’t work so didn’t count
  • 22 Double Merkins
  • 30 Cooperhead Squats
  • 36 Catalina Wine Mixers
  • 40 Dying Cockroaches
  • 42 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 42 LBC’s
  • 40 Air presses
  • 36 Hello Dollies
  • 30 Alternating Shoulder taps
  • 22 Rosalita’s
  • 12 Supermans

If you look at it, it is a cool pattern on totals.  With all of our sponsors being advertised during the workout, we moseyed, ok not far but enough to move to a different location.  Stretch it out for 2 minutes to a Hard Stop.

It is always fun having the pax chatter like they did this morning.  YHC held some counts just for a little extra work as the pax thought it was punishment.  Never punishment just think of it as extra credit.    Hopefully it was well rounded enough to not hurt the muscles but to let them recover from the weeks beat downs.

Announcements made, Monkey did steal YHC’s thunder mentioning Pearl Harbor day (UGH). Prayer concerns mentioned. YHC mentioned along with Pearl Harbor day to keep our military in your prayers being away from their family for the Holidays and also to remember what this time of season is for.  It is for giving, not just in the morning but also throughout the day in your community,  Squid took us out in a quick prayer.

Something I would like to share going along with the reason for the season.  I have never been a fan of this time of season, only because my childhood memories of it are not so good.  My fathers mother (my grandmother) passed away at this time of year when he was 8 years old.  Never having a family filled Christmas (he grew up in an Orphanage) this time of year had him drinking heavily and being very introverted because of his inner pain.  This is what I had to look forward to every year as a child.  So needless to say it was always a bad conversation with friends and how they loved this time and it is so fun, I would try to avoid any talk about it.  My brothers wife also passed away 5 years ago from Cancer on December 24th.  This was her favorite time of the year also. That brought back some feelings of old that I had not felt in some years.  Once I moved out and was with my M. It was pointed out to me that it really is a time to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our Lord.  As I grew closer to God and my wife, we started our family and I did not want that feeling to be pushed on to my children.  My only other issue was how commercial it had become.  I am a simple person and I appreciate things made by the hands and mind then buying it at the store.  Once my children were old enough, I started a holiday tradition of having to make at least one gift for someone from scratch.  The ideas and presents that I have received thru the years will be cherished more then anything that could be bought in a store.  As this time of the season is upon us again, go out into your communities and do something with your heart and your hands, not your pocketbook.  The joy of a face when they find out you made it is priceless.   Give of yourself, even if it is just your time volunteering or help to someone in need.  Remember it is time to rejoice for the Lord our Savior is born.  Pray for peace and happiness.  Answering your words of wisdom from earlier today Squid, I take no offense to the mumblechatter, I love all you men equally.  Without you men, I would still have a hole in my life that would need to be filled.


Blart Out


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