• When: 01/11/2018
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Misty
  • PAX: JANG-A-LANG, GERTRUDE, Nipple Shot, Steamer, Roonie, Deebo, Blue-Cross, Bayliner, Rameses, Squealer, Frosted Flake, Monkey Wrench, Suitcase, Buckeye, Madoff, Lassie
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court, Morehead City

A very different morning awaited the PAX this Thursday as compared to last week when chaos ensued following the blizzard of 2018…Today it was 60 degrees and shorts all around…well for the most part! Seeing the date when I began to think about the workout, January 11th, I decided to provide the PAX with a theme that would be manageable yet challenging in its execution.

As the PAX gathered it was apparent that mumblechatter would be at a maximum, given most of this crew hadn’t posted together in a while! None the less, a disclaimer was provided and instructions given to Mosey!

Mosey to the Big Rock Stadium Lot for Warmarama as follows:

Nancy Kerrigan’s X 11 each direction (Essentially Sun Gods leaning forward with a foot extended out behind you)

Hillbilly X 11

Cotton Picker X 11

Good Mornings (with feet crossed) X 11 x 2 to change feet position.

Warmup’s completed we gathered for instructions…as an Q will know, not something this PAX is very fond of listening to or especially following!

11’s around Big Rock Stadium

Partner A performs 10 8 ct Body Builders and Partner B 1 8 ct Body Builder, then mosey around the stadium to meet at the other side…Flip-Flop high reps and low to perform 9 and 2 reps, continue until you reach the 6-5 rep set, 11’s completed (about a mile of running in between) Sweeping the six to perform a final set of 5 8ct Body Builders.

Plank-o-Rama in the Parking Lot.

Side Plank Crunch X 20

30 Sec. 6” Hold

Alt Leg/Arm Lift Plank X 15

30 Sec. 6” Hold

Parker Peter with a Crunch X 10

Mosey to the Main Soccer Field, line up on the sideline.

11’s of Freddie Mercury’s and Merkins running from sideline to sideline in between.

Plank-O-Rama on the Soccer Field

30 ct. Plank Hold

15 ct. 6” Hold

20 ct. Plank Hold

10 ct. 6” Hold

10 ct. Plank Hold

5 ct. 6” Hold

Mosey to the far Soccer Fields, meeting at mid-field for instructions…Partner back up with your original Partner for the following 11 set.

Partners perform 11 Booyah Merkins at mid-field and run to the end line for 11 Wiper Merkins continuing down to 1 of each…however time ran out at 5 so we Omaha’d and headed back to the Parking lot for Name-o-Rama, announcements, and BOM.

YHC led the Pax out in prayer and off we went to meet the day!

Announcements: Track Work tomorrow for the Stampeded at West Carteret, Laettner on the Rucky Duck, and a Hashmark will occur (likely without boxing or wrassling).

As always an honor and a privilege to lead the group! I was inspired by all!

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