• When: 10/19/17
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Duck Butter
  • PAX: Frosted Flake, Aflac, Jekyll (F3 Ft Mill, SC), Steamer, Pocahantes (Kotters), Rooney, Monkey Wrench (Respect), Ron Burgundy (Respect), Shroom, Gertrude (Respect), Jangle Leg (38), Ramses, Suitcase (Respect), Blue Cross, Bucky, Squeeler, Bayliner (Birthday Boy), Duck Butter
  • AO: Back Blasts, Carterican Court

I texted Jang a couple of weeks ago and asked for an opportunity to Q The Court.  I’m not sure who he skipped over to put me in the rotation, but tclaps.  As Ramses says, I am finally getting my Q legs back.  After arriving and dispersing some cones on the soccer field adjacent to The Dipper’s new Crossfit AO, YHC joined the men circled round ye olde shovel flag.  We welcomed our visitor from down under, Jekyll from F3 Ft. Mill, and at 0530 on my watch, which is apparently not in sync with the US Naval Observatory clock, we got going.  A brief intro and disclaimer was all we had time for because he had work to do.

We moseyed over to the back of the Toyota and everyone got to pick out their own two bricks for today’s workout.  With bricks in hand, we moseyed out and around the far cone and back to the picnic shelters for


SSH IC x25

Cotton Pickers IC x15

Windmill IC x15

Sun God IC forward x10, reverse x10

Downward Dog for a silent 10 count

Upward Dog for a silent 10 count.  Namaste bitches

We took our bricks over to the cones closest to the picnic shelter where Steamer was doing some therapeutic stretching.  On the way over Jang and Ramses were joyously sharing the with everyone the successes of the NC State Football team and there uncharted ranking of 16th in the nation.  Go Pack.  Anyone know who #19 is….they’re all about to find out.

The Thang—The Michigan 

10- 100 yard sprints:  5 SSHs IC following sprints 2 and 4.  10 brick merkins & 10 brick presses after sprint 6.  20 brick merkins & 20 brick presses after sprint 8.  30 brick merkins & 30 brick presses after sprint 10.

8- 80 yard sprints:  5 SSHs IC following sprint 2.  10 brick copper head squats IC & 10 peter parkers IC following sprint 4.  20 brick copper head squats IC & 20 peter parkers IC following sprint 6.  30 brick copper head squats IC & 30 peter parkers IC following sprint 8.

6- 60 yard sprints:  10 Carolina dry docks IC & 10 Overhead brick claps IC following sprint 2.  Disgruntled Bayliner started barking that these exercises should be single count.  Always remember birthday boy, F3 doesn’t get easier, you just get stronger.  20 Carolina dry docks IC & 20 Overhead brick claps IC following sprint 4.  30 Carolina dry docks IC & 30 Overhead brick claps IC following sprint 6.  We really had to dig deep on that last set of exercises.

4- 40 yard sprints:  10 Brick LBCs & 10 Brick toe touches following sprint 2.  20 LBCs & 20 Brick toe touches following sprint 4.  Was it over?  Was it over when the German’s bombed Pearl Harbor?  Hell no.  And it’s not over now.  YHC never likes to become predictable, and in a move right out of the Mini Me handbook, we had a surprise Omaha 100 yard sprint down and back as a pallet cleanser.  30 brick LBCs and 30 brick toe touches after the 100 yard sprints.

1 20 yard sprint with the bricks in hand.  Followed by a brick bear crawl back to the starting line.

Sufficiently gassed at this point, the PAX neatly put the bricks back in YHCs truck, and luckily not through the windows and headed back for


Box Cutter IC x20

American Hammer IC x20

Heels to Heaven IC x20

It should be noted that Gert performed these exercises under protest that the hard stop had been passed.  My watch disagrees.


Christmas Party is coming.  Looking like Saturday, December 16th.  More details to follow.

Capitol Ruck is Friday night.

Prayer Requests

The Stevenson Family

Boss Tweed’s continued recovery

Ramses took the PAX out in the BOM.

Thanks for coming out and playing along this morning.




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