• When: 06/23/18
  • Workout Style: Boot camp
  • QIC: Snooki
  • PAX: Lady Big, Jwow, Purple Rain, Birdman, Griswold, Snow White, Backsplash, Blart, Dollywood, KFC (respect), Weinstein(respect), McMuffin, Linus, Doggy Paddle(Augusta GA F3), Dumpster Dawg, Snooki
  • AO: Back Blasts, Cape Carteret Expansion, Field of Dreams

1 year ago I finally got my ass out of the fartsack to join my friend Billy(Staypuft) who has been hounding me for a couple weeks to come out and workout with him on a Saturday morning. Why the hell would I get up on early on a Saturday morning to go do something I hate? I did so I would shit him up! Well Staypuft, I need to thank you from the bottom of my soul for hounding me! At the time I didn’t know what was lying ahead for me, but F3 was the answer!

I arrived just in time to set out “the little circles of love” before too many of the PAX showed up. As I am placing them, the small group that was there already gathered around them! I guess they just instantly fell in love with them! 1 minute warning and McMuffin and Birdman show up just as I blurted out the mission statement and disclaimer, flawlessly and without hesitation I might add.


Sun Gods IC Frwd and back 25 each way.  PAX wasn’t too happy about the number

Cotton Pickers 25 IC

Imperial Walkers 25 IC


5 short moseys stopping about every 50 yards for a rack and stack list of exercises

1 Burpee

5 Squats

10 Merkins

15 Monkey Humpers

20 Double wide Merkins

since at this point we had made it to the bleachers, we would play around here for a few minutes

this was a fast pace with no break in  between,

20 Erkins, 20 Dips, 20 Derkins then 15 each, 10, then 5  It was hard to here the count with almost everyone crying and complaining

after the break at the benches it was onward for a few more short moseys continuing with the rack and stack

in addition to the previous we would add on,

25 standing lunges each leg

30 Catalina Wine Mixer (4count)

35 Gorilla Humpers

40 Birdman Crunch’s (20 each side)

I had planned on 45 WW1’s but Omaha’d that so we could get to play with the tires for the few minutes that were left.

While the group did an exercise 1 would carry 2 of the tires, together or seperate for 20 yards, a pipe was provided to carry both.

Flip the next tire another 20 yards then carry that tire another 20 yards out and back , Flip the same tire back then carry the 2 tires back to the start. Time ran out so not everyone got to play around with the tires. But don’t worry guys, I have two more Q’s coming up this week! Everyone will get a chance!!

Due to time only 4 PAX took a round with the tires so while the group waited we did

Al Gore

Peoples Chair

Chill plank

Spider Merkins

30 seconds left we made our way back to the flags.

Announcements and prayer requests given and Purple Rain closed is with prayer.

My first F3 workout 1 year ago, PurpleRain was the Q, I was about 10 minutes in and was about ready to die. But the encouragement I got and the complete acceptance of some fat guy who could keep up by everyone there made me want to come back. With the most horrible year of my life behind me, I can truly and honestly say, F3 is what got me through it. Yeah I showed up that first day to shut someone up, but what happened over the next few months changed my life. I got a whole new family I never knew I needed! You guys mean the world to me and I now know what it feels like to have brothers!!





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