• When: 2/25/20
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: Purple Rain
  • PAX: Linus, Dash 8, FranknBeans, Princess, sparkles, tarhole, cooter, honeywagon, pillbox, cyclops, skidmark, Catfight, McSketti, Navy, purplerain
  • AO: Back Blasts

I looked out my window and saw no rain and smiled, so often rain is suppose to come by he keeps it away long enough for F3.  It was day 1 of my birthday Qs and I was super stoked.  I went for a little warm up and was happy to see a pretty good crowd gathering for the workout.  2 minute warning, 1 minute, time to move.

there was still much chatter and the guys could not hear me.  Time to establish my “dominance” 2 burpees and thing quieted down for the missions statement and disclaimer.  As usual I always have concern for the PAX and could tell they were worrying about if they were going to get wet.  I did not want the PAX to carry this anxiety through the workout so I took care of it.  1 hand release Merkin and 1 LBC.  I could tell everyone was very appreciative to get that out of the way.

WARMARAMA; we did a Rolling warmarama as we headed toward the docks.

THANG 1: partner up and while p1 was doing erkins, P2 run to end of dock 10 monkey Humpers and switch.  3 rounds.

THANG 2: most back towards church with stops along the way with 10 monkey Humpers ic.  There was a double back to make sure dash and navy were able to keep up with the correct directions.

THANG 3: back at the church Merkin suicide.

THANG 4: per dash 8s request we did a round of balls to wall.  We then did some people’s chair with some dips and mosey back to the flag for COT.

announcments:  my birthday q continues at the prom, oyster roast, MHC 2nd F, 3rd F

Prayers: Catfight’s Ms aunt passed away, Navy led us out in prayer.

mcsketti did not disappoint with an awesome purplerain cake.  Brother you rock and will never know what it means to guys when you go out of your way to serve them “leadership”. Remember men that is what leadership truly is, to serve someone else.

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