• When: 03/30/19
  • Workout Style: Boot Camp
  • QIC: FrankNBeans & Navy
  • PAX: Maytag, Blart, Purplerain, Griswald, CouchPotato, Bolt
  • AO: Field of Dreams

When: 3/30/19
Workout Style: Boot Camp
QIC: FrankNbeans and Navy
PAX: Maytag, Blart, Purplerain, Griswald, CouchPotato, Bolt
AO: Back Blasts
On my Virgin Q the Pax were not gentle, as it should be. Navy’s quiet leadership assured me I was—well—screwed. The introduction was a lesson for the young, i.e. if you remember the 60’s you just weren’t there, dude.
WARMARAMA- FrankNbeans
As per the exercon, FrankNbeans kept the pax on their toes with the count, testing their frustration level and arithmetic. Pax math skills—very good, frustration level was another story.
9 Mountain Climbers
11Hillbilly’s (modified)
12 Annie’s
10 Nancy Kerrigan’s
2 Bone the Fish between parking lot lines
2 Carioca’s between parking lot lines

ROUTINE 1- 7 Of Diamonds x3 – FrankNbeans
Mosey to the baseball diamond
1st base – 7 Burpee’s
2nd base – 14 4ct Flutter Kicks
3rd base – 21 Merkins
Home – 28 Squats
Reverse rotation
Mosey to Lacrosse End line
ROUTINE 2- SUICIDES x 3-FrankNbeans
On his virgin Q FrankN showed the adroitness of a hippo by adding a routine for filler. The pax never knew he was working on the fly, without a net…
Alligator crawl to first line
Run back to touch line
Bear crawl to Half court
Run back to touch line
Mosey to Soccer Field
ROUTINE 3- 1st Inaugural FranknBeans 500 x 10 – Navy & FrankNbeans
Navy had the first 5, FrankN took the last 10 demonstrating an uncanny ability not to improve his counting technique throughout the entire hour-long routine. Numerous references were made to some video on some website?
10 Air Push Ups
10 Squats
10 Monkey Humpers
10 Pickle Pounders
10 LBCs
Run length of field and return for a total of 500 reps
Mary– FrankNbeans & Pax Choice
Maytag and Blart were kind enough making sure they did not out-demonstrate or out-count the VQ. Purplerain left early incurring 3 Burpee’s for his teammates.
10 Australian Snow Angels
15 Dying Cockroaches- Maytag
15 W’s- Blart
COT– FrankNbeans & Navy
Continued prayer for Laettner and all dealing with physical and family trials.

Parting thought – THANKS BOYZ you only get one chance to be a virgin. SYITG

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